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Unit Code Screening Committee


June 26, 2003, 4pm in Rawl Annex 142


Regular members present: Ralph Scott, chair; Jen-Jar Lin, Greg Lapicki, Bryna Coonin, and Garris Conner


Ex-officio members present: Tinsley Yarbrough, Melissa Nasea, Kitty Wetherington, and Bill Grossnickle


Guests: Robert Morrison, Chemistry (representing the Unit Code Committee Chair); Chia-yu Li, Chemistry Chair



The Committee approved the minutes of the May 1, 2003 meeting.


The Committee deleted Kyle Summers’ name from the attendance list for the May 29, 2003 meeting and approved the minutes as amended.


The Committee reviewed the Department of Chemistry amended Code from May 27, 2003 with suggestions to Dr. Morrison and Dr. Li noted below.


Pg 4, line 13-14: delete sentence “It is consistent … Faculty Manual.”


Pg 5, line 56: change “Director’s” to “Directors”


Pg 5, line 62: This is the first time the College of Arts and Sciences is listed in the text of the Code. The committee suggests that the Code give the College’s new name here and state that the shorter name is used in other places.


Pg 6, line 9: add “r. Ensuring that code procedures are followed.”


Pg 6, line 19: after “Chair”, add “from among the faculty of the department”


Pg 7, line 15: The Committee suggests that the Department of Chemistry Service Activity Guidelines be approved by the Department. The Committee suggests that it should be added as an appendix to the Code, put on the Department’s web site, and/or distributed to each faculty member.


Pg 7, line 21: change “faculty representatives” to “faculty committee representatives”


Pg 8, line 15: delete “the allocation of raise money.” and substitute “salary increases.”


Pg 12, lines 43-45: edit sentence beginning “Peer evaluation …” by adding the title of the document; add its location and/or that it is distributed to each faculty member


Pg 17, line 42: change “said” to “the”


Pg 17, line 45: delete “their requested”


Changes to the Department of Chemistry Code were deemed editorial. The Committee approved the amended Code pending editorial changes agreed upon during the meeting.


The committee adjourned at 4:40 pm. The committee will reconvene later this summer if Academic Library Services re-submits their code.


Respectfully submitted,


Melissa Nasea

(notetaker in absence of committee secretary)