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Global Academic Initiatives (GAI) Opportunities

Exciting opportunities abound for providing international experiences in your classroom!

Guest lectures, demonstrations, group activities, or other course activities are possible and easy to achieve using the expertise and connections provided by Global Academic Initiatives. Your class can be the receivers, senders, or collaborative participants in many kinds of activities. With over a decade of experience in Internet based, real-time class activities, GAI can make the possibilities happen in your classes.

Giving or receiving a Global Guest Lecture is relatively quick and easy to set up and deliver. Disparate local time zones and academic calendars are easily accommodated. Lectures are a good way to begin the process of integrating global diversity to your classroom. A variety of live and recorded video tools are available to accommodate the type of learning experience that you would like to achieve.  

Beyond lectures the possibilities for interactive activities that involve faculty and students are boundless. Activities that involve students working together can blend the richness of disciplinary content with diverse cultural approaches and perspectives. These activities typically require more lead time than lectures, as both the time zone differences and the academic calendars must be coordinated and the learning outcomes shaped to meet the needs of both courses and all students. Generally, at least one semester is needed to understand and agree on these and other issues including reference material, expectations, pre-requisite expectations, etc... Technical testing with plans for continuity of instruction must be concluded before the beginning of class. The GAI team would like to help you realize the potential of global activities in your class.  Just let us know of your interest and we will get started!  

To ask questions or get started, please contact us via email at