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Graduate Administrative Board Meeting

October 23, 2006


Members Present:  Margie Gallagher, Stan Eakins, Art Rouse, Susan Beck-Frazier for John Kramar, George Kasperek, Dennis Brunt, Mark Taggert, Knight, Sharon, Linner Griffin, Carmine Scavo, Belinda Patterson, Todd Nolan, Patrick Pellicane, Sylvia Brown, John Placer


Members Absent:  Ron Newton, Sharon Bland, Heather Ries


Patrick Pellicane called the meeting to order at 3:30 PM.  Minutes from the October 9, 2006 were approved. 


Sharon Knight presented the minutes from the October 4, 2006 meeting of the Graduate Curriculum Committee (See attachment):


  • Links to be added to the GCC website to bibliographic and objective writing  resources. Bibliographic format to be used for curriculum proposals to include citations  and verbs to be utilized in stated objectives
  • Wednesday, March 21, 2007, deadline for submission of curriculum proposals to GCC
  • George Aspire elected Vice-Chair of committee
  • 2 new members appointed:  Richard Monroe Industrial Technology and Scott Dellana (College of Business) to  the Committee
  • Only     curriculum proposals for proposed programs that have filed Notification of     Intent to Plan documentation (Master’s level) or received Authorization to Plan from the University      of North Carolina General Administration will be considered by GCC
  • Recommendations for course proposals and revisions


School of Allied Health Science

Department of Physician Assistant Studies

Editorial changes to Physician Assistant catalog copy

Course Proposal:

PADP 6040


Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Course Revisions:

CSDI 8005, CSDI 8017, and CSDI 8021


School of Nursing

Revisions to course numbering:

NURS 7220, 7225, 7226, 7227, 7235, 7240, 7241, 7255, 7260, 7265 and 7500 to NURS 8270, 8225, 8226, 8227, 8235, 8240, 9241, 8255, 8260, 8265, and 8500 respectively


College of Health and Human Performance

Department of Exercise and Sport Science

Course revision:  Credit hours for EXSS 900


Brody School of Medicine

Department of Pathology

Course Revision:

PATH 6840, 6841, 6842, and 6843 with the following stipulation:  that the courses be resubmitted with the following statement preceding the course justification, “Ongoing program review by faculty and completing students revealed a need for courses more

Specifically tailored to the knowledge and skills required by assistants in pathology.”


During discussion, Dr. Griffin clarified that that 7000 and 8000 courses are not funded at the same level according to the new funding matrix.  Griffin explained that GA funded 7000 as upper level master’s because they found most students enrolled in courses were master’s level students. 6000 & 7000 level courses are funded at the same level.

Status of 5000 level courses—SACS recommended to phase out.  Difficulty lies in inability to enroll undergrads in courses if numbered at 6000 level—some schools & colleges want 5000 courses.


Recommendations of Graduate Curriculum Committee approved.


Dr. Griffith asked for procedural clarification:  Did GSAB want depts. to present requests  for concentrations, minors & certificates at their meetings.   Committee voted that department presentations at GSAB meetings not necessary.


Dr. Pellicane introduced the continued discussion of dual degrees.  Dr. Carmine Scavo presented amended motion tabled from previous GSAB meeting .  Following discussion, the amended motion reads:





ECU graduate students can enroll in dual degree programs (where the student is seeking two degrees from two different disciplines) in which more than 20% of a program is credited by the other.  Students interested in pursuing two related degree programs at the same time need to:

a.                  be admitted to both degree programs;

b.                  propose how many s.h. the two programs will accept in common;

c.                  prepare a statement explaining why they want to purse the dual degrees and provide a justification for doing so; and

d.                  obtain approval of their proposal by both degree programs.

The dual degree programs will forward the student’s proposal and number of s.h. to be treated in common to the Graduate Credits Committee which will approve or disapprove the proposal.


During the discussion, Dr. Pellicane proposed that sometime in the future he would like to see degree plans developed by the depts. for each student at time of matriculation or soon thereafter and filed by the dept. with the Graduate School. The degree audit completed at the time of application for graduation would reference the degree plan filed at time of matriculation for verification of degree requirements.


Because of exception requests that could arise with implementation of policy, Stan Eakins recommended that the graduate credit policy be addressed in its entirety rather than just focusing on the dual degree aspect. Dr. Pellicane responded by asking the Committee’s confidence and trust in enforcing the policy as proposed.  Dr. Griffin reminded group that all policy approved by GSAB must be approved by the Graduate Assembly to be official and enforceable.  The question of placement of policy in catalog and the effect of placement and context on interpretation was raised.  As part of this discussion, Sylvia Brown asked if two concentrations could be obtained with use of common credits as a student fulfilled the requirements for one master’s degree.  Committee agreed that this is permissible under current policy. Dr. Griffin suggested that copies of the current catalog statement/section be distributed with the draft of the proposed dual credits policy be distributed to all members to allow a complete comparison of the two. The motion was made, seconded and approved to table consideration of the proposal until the next meeting. 


As an item of new business, Dr. Pellicane presented the existing student grievance policy and offered a proposed grievance and unsatisfactory performance policy covering nonacademic issues.  Margie Gallagher moved for approval of proposed grievance policy presented by Dr. Pellicane with a second by George Kasperek.  Since some members did not have copies, the discussion was tabled until the next meeting to allow all members to receive copies. Upon GSAB approval, this policy would then be used by schools and colleges in developing or revising their current handbooks.


Dr. Pellicane announced that when the Yardley Group returns to campus Friday, Nov. 17,  he wants to arrange for the GSAB and Graduate Assembly to meet with them.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:05 pm.



Respectfully submitted



Belinda Patterson for Ron Newton