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Graduate Assembly

The Graduate Assembly meets once a month. Please note the following locations:  Meetings will be held at 3:30-5:00pm. in Belk 1503.

Fall 2010

September 21 | October 26 | November 30

Spring 2011

January 18 | February 15 | March 22 | April 12


Rick Barnes, Health Education

Syed Ahmed, Construction Management

Chal Benson, Mathematics

Brenda Bertrand, Nutrition

John Bishop, Economics

Michael Bosse, College of Education

Dan Boudah, College of Education

Carol Adamec Brown, Math, Science, and Instructional Technology Education

Sheila G. Bunch, College of Human Ecology

Frank Crawley, College of Education

M. Saeed Dar, Pharmacology and Toxicology

Jim Decker, Exercise and Sport Science

Carolyn Pugh, Physicians Assistant

Michael Dingfelder, Physics

Ronald Dudek, Anatomy

Scott Eagle, School of Art

Bob Edwards, Sociology

Richard A. Franklin, Microbiology

Paul Gares, Geology

Paul J. Gemperline, Graduate School

Scott Glass, Counselor and Adult Education

Bill Grobe, Educational Leadership

Sylvie Henning, Foreign Language and Literature

Donald R. Hoffman, Pathology

Monica Strauss Hough, Allied Health

Thomas Huener, School of Music

George Kasperek, Brody School of Medicine 

Andrew Morehead, Chemistry

Alexander Murashov, Physiology

Lloyd Novick, Public Health 

Belinda Patterson, Graduate School

Garris Conner, College of Nursing

Laura Prividera, Communication

Chris Riley-Tillman, Psychology

Paul Russell, College of Business

Paul Schwager, College of Business

E.  Thomson Shields, English

David Siegel, Educational Leadership

Carl Swanson, History

Nasseh Tabrizi, Computer Science

Bob Thompson, Political Science

Leonard Trujillo, Allied Health

Shelia Y. Tucker, Business Information Technology Education

Hans Vogelsong, Coastal Resources Management

Christy Walcott, Psychology

Ivan Wallace, Business Information Technology Education

Terry L. West, Biology:  Molecular/Biotechnology

Elaine Yontz, Library Science

Blaise Williams, DPT

Tina Williams, College of Business

Linda Wolfe, Anthropology

Terri L. Woods, Geology

Xiaoming Zeng, Allied Health 

Minutes from Previous Years