Academic Affairs
Graduate Catalog 2008-09

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College of Education

Department of Counselor and Adult Education

Vivian W. Mott, Chairperson, 213 Ragsdale Hall

MAEd in Adult Education

The College of Education offers a master’s degree program in adult education, which is designed to assist teachers, instructional designers, administrators, trainers, and other persons working with adult learners to develop those skills necessary to initiate, design, administer, and implement effective educational programs. The mission of the degree program is to prepare adult educators who are knowledgeable and reflective in their practice and critical in their thinking. Admission to this program does not require an initial teaching license. The program requires a minimum of 36 s.h. with 24 s.h. in adult education and 3 s.h. in educational research and a culminating reflective portfolio. A maximum of 9 s.h. may be taken as electives in related areas. An interview and writing sample may be required for admission.

Required courses: ADED 6445, 6453, 6481, 6484, 6487; educational research course approved by dept.

MS in Counselor Education

Students majoring in counselor education must complete a minimum of 48 s.h., including 30 s.h. of core courses, 3 s.h. in the research area, and 15 s.h. of education, psychology, sociology, human environmental sciences, or health according to the student’s needs as approved by the advisor. Individualized programs of course work will be designed to promote the competencies required of counselors. Students seeking licensure as school counselors must be eligible for Class A license or must complete an extended school internship. A departmental interview will be required for admission.

Required courses: COAD 5370, 6401, 6402, 6404, 6405, 6407, 6409, 6482, 6991; choose one from: COAD 6406, 6411, 6415; educational research course approved by dept.

Certificate in Community College Instruction

The certificate in community college instruction requires 15 s. h. of graduate level course work (including core courses ADED 6240, 6450, and 6453, and electives chosen to meet the career goals and instructional focus of students in the certificate program) and a culminating professional instructional portfolio. See the Adult Education webpage [] for more information and course schedules.