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Graduate Catalog 2008-09

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HIMA: Health Information Management

5060. Health Informatics (3)
P: Consent of instructor. Informatics in health care delivery systems with focus on the clinical, public health, and consumer aspects.

HPRO: Health Professions

5000. Seminar in Human Sexual Dysfunctions (3)
Explores problems in human sexual behavior and functioning. Emphasis on development of assessment and intervention skills in delivery of sexual health care to broad spectrum of clients.
5011, 5012. Gross Anatomy (5,0)
P: Enrolled in OCCT or PTHE programs or consent of dept chairs. Structure of human body. Lab dissection.
5030, 5031. Neuroanatomy (3,0)
P: Enrolled in OCCT or PTHE programs or consent of dept chairs; HPRO 5011, 5012. Relationship between structure and function of the nervous system and foundations of neurology. Pathophysiology of specific neurologic disorders common to practice of occupational and physical therapy.