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Graduate Catalog 2008-09

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ANAT: Anatomy And Cell Biology

6290, 6291, 6292. Current Topics in Anatomy and Cell Biology (1,2,3)
May be repeated more than once. P: Consent of chair. Read and discuss literature in selected fields relevant to anatomy. Format and subject matter may be tailored to needs of individual student or small group of students at discretion of chair, student’s advisory committee, and faculty member willing to direct readings.
7200. Gross Anatomy and Embryology (8)
P: Consent of chair. Human anatomy based on systematic dissection of human body with emphasis on structure-function relationships. Pertinent human embryology and radiologic anatomy integrated topically with area of body being dissected. Relevance of different areas of anatomy and embryology to clinical procedures and/or disease processes presented by practicing clinicians.
7202. Molecular Cell Biology (4) Same as MCBI 7410
P: Consent of course director. Foundation cornerstone course for students interested in contemporary research career. Principles of modern molecular biology as applied to study of cell structure and function. Fundamentals of molecular and cellular biology of both prokaryotes and eukaryotes, and techniques used to study these problems included. Emphasis on critical analysis of experimental data and the experimental basis of current knowledge of cellular processes.
7210. Histology and Cell Biology (4)
P: Consent of chair. Emphasis on light microscopic features of cells, tissue, and organs. Electron microscopic features of cell organelles studied to highlight functions basic to all cells. Both histological and cell biological features integrated with physiological function, pathological abnormalities, and pharmacological treatment.
7215. Medical Neuroscience (5) Same as PHLY 7730
P: Consent of chair. Comprehensive survey and function of human nervous system, including introduction to clinical neuroscience. Lab sessions include dissection of human brain and study of prospected specimens.
7230. Developmental Biology (2-4) Not offered every year.
P: Consent of chair. Discuss contemporary concepts in developmental biology. Human embryological formation clearly traced to various cell and molecular biological mechanisms for clear understanding of their role, which is crucial in understanding normal, abnormal, and oncogenic development in humans.
7240. Research Problems in Cell Biology* (1-3)
P: Consent of chair. Register for course for 3 semesters. Allow student to begin research activity and explore thesis research topics under guidance of scientist with ongoing research project. Student carefully guided to formulate hypothesis, design experiments, collect data, analyze data, and make conclusions so that research efforts will have high likelihood for seminar presentation, abstract/poster presentation at a national meeting, or journal publication.
7250. Seminar in Cell Biology* (1)
P: Consent of chair. Register for course for 4 semesters. Student will attend dept seminar series comprised of well-respect scientists describing their recent methodology and research results in current and exciting cell biological problems as related to clinical issues. Students present formal seminar in chosen cell biological area under guidance of faculty. Faculty will instruct students in scientific content, proper slide preparation, organization, basic public speaking skills, handling of audience questions, audience awareness, and stage presence.
7345. Cell Motility (2) Same as BIOC 7345; BIOL 7345
P: General chemistry, organic chemistry, general biology, and general physics; or consent of instructor. Multidisciplinary exploration of mechanism, structure, and function of motile systems essential for eukaryotic life.
9000. Dissertation* (3-12)
May be repeated. May count maximum of 18 s.h.
9001. Dissertation: Summer Research (1)
May be repeated. No credit may count toward degree. Students conducting dissertation research may only register for this course during the summer.