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Graduate Catalog 2008-09

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COHE: Community Health

6000. Health Care Systems and Problems (3)
P: Consent of instructor. Advanced study of contemporary health care problems. Evolution, philosophy, and present and future trends of our health care system. Emphasis on health policy and practices of community health service institutions and agencies.
6100. Community Health Administration (3)
P: COHE 6000 or consent of instructor. Role and application of basic administrative theory and practice in health service institutions and agencies. Emphasis on public aspects of health service.
6300. Health Law (3)
P: Consent of instructor. Process and substance of law related to organization and delivery of health services in the US. Recognition of legal issues arising in the practice of health administration, understanding of how legal system thinks, and effective communicate with lawyers practicing in health care field.
COHE 6310. Health Care Accounting and Financial Administration (3)
Application of the theories, principles and concepts of financial management and accounting to decision-making and accountability in health care organizations.
6410. Electronic Health Records (3)
P/C: HIMA 5060 or consent of instructor. Principles and approaches to EHR technology.
6420. Evaluation Methods in Health Informatics (3)
P/C: HIMA 5060 or consent of instructor. Design, data collection, analysis and reporting of health informatics applications.
6430. Database Systems in Health Care (3)
P/C: HIMA 5060 or consent of instructor. Relational database theory and applications in health care.
6440. E-Health Care Information System (3)
P/C: HIMA 5060 or consent of instructor. Systematic analysis of electronic technologies in health care.
6450. Decision Support in Health Care (3)
P/C: HIMA 5060 or consent of instructor. Theories and applications of decision science in health care.
6500, 6502. Independent Study (2,3)
P: Approval of outline of study by student’s committee or advisor. Tutorial study or supervised research in contemporary health problems, programs, and educational methods.
6600. Management of Health Care Operations (3)
P: COHE 6000. Focus on day-to-day operational aspects of managing health care organizations. Operational needs of various health care providers. Emphasis on legal, marketing, service, quality, and personnel issues.
6610. Financial Management of Health Care Organizations (3)
P: COHE 6000; FINA 6144. Focus on acquisition, allocation, and management of financial resources within health care organizations. Emphasis on application of financial tools to unique problems of these organizations.
6620. Health Care Strategic Planning and Management (3)
P: COHE 6600, 6610. Focus on methods for strategic planning and management health services organizations. Emphasis on techniques for determining strategies for unique services. Integrates strategy, structure, and administrative systems.
6971. Health Policy (3) 
Overview of health policy and legal issues related to delivery of health care. Emphasis on action, theory, and roles; strategies of power politics; legal foundations; and trends in policy formation with implications for health care administrators.
6990. Internship in Community Health (3)
P: COHE 6000 or consent by the student’s advisor and the Department of Community Health. Professional learning experience in work study program in community health setting. Supervised by experienced health professional approved by Department of Community Health and student’s faculty advisor.
COHE Banked Courses
5460, 5461. Patient Education for Interdisciplinary Health Care Providers (3,0)
6200. Community Health Education I: Concepts and Theories (3)
6201. Community Health Education II: Methods and Techniques (3)
6400. Trends and Issues in Health Care (3)
6501. Independent Study (2)
6991. Internship in Community Health (3)
6992. Internship Project (1)
6993. Major Paper (4)
6999. Thesis (4-6)