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Graduate Catalog 2008-09

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CRM: Coastal Resources Management

6100. Introduction to Coastal Problems and Their Management (2)
Coastal environment, coastal resources, structure and role of government in coastal resources policy, critical research issues in coastal and estuarine ecology, coastal geosciences, marine affairs and policy, and maritime studies.
6200. Research Design in Marine and Coastal Studies (3)
P: Graduate standing in CRM PhD program or consent of instructor. Fundamentals of research design in marine and coastal related scientific research.
6300. Case Studies of Coastal Management Issues (3)
P: Graduate standing in CRM PhD program or consent of instructor. Teams of students with varying disciplinary backgrounds examine application of scientific data to specific coastal issues of concern to coastal management agencies and private sector organizations.
9000. Dissertation (3-12)
May be repeated. May count maximum of 9 s.h.
9001. Dissertation: Summer Research (1)
May be repeated. No credit may count toward degree. Students conducting dissertation research may only register for this course during the summer.
9400. Coastal Management Internship (3)
P: Consent of program director. Supervised internship with government agency, private sector business or organization, or non-profit group that has coastal resources management responsibilities, concerns, or activities.

MAST: Maritime Studies

6610. Legal and Professional Issues in Maritime Studies (3) Same as HIST 6610
Legal cases, legislation, professional standards, grant writing, and scholarship.
6620. Public Policy and Management of Cultural Resources (3) Same as HIST 6620
Public laws and policies concerning local, state, national, and international regulations, and practices for management of cultural resources of maritime and coastal environment.
6630. Seminar in Maritime Studies (3) Same as HIST 6630
Selected topics.
6640. Maritime Cultural Resources (3) Same as HIST 6640
Coastal environmental resources (both under and above water), public presentation and display in museums or other public facilities, and impact on tourism and oceanic development.
6650. Management of Coastal Cultural Resources (3) Same as HIST 6650
Management of submerged cultural resources, museums, aquariums, science or other public or private local, state, and federal educational agencies.
6660. Maritime Heritage of the Coast (3) Same as HIST 6660
Focus on NC. Comparative examples from other regions provide foundation of understanding of coastal maritime heritage, including submerged cultural resources.
6830. Maritime Cultural Landscapes (3) Same as HIST 6830
P: Consent of instructor. Landscape archaeology theory; techniques for reconstructing landscapes; examination of maritime sites in terrestrial contexts.
6835. Advanced Methods for Maritime Archaeology (3) Same as HIST 6835
P: HIST 6820; consent of instructor. High-tech field equipment and software currently employed in maritime archaeology.
6845. Advanced Archaeological and Museum Artifact Conservation (3) Same as ANTH 6845 and HIST 6845
P: Consent of instructor. Advanced archaeological and curatorial artifact conservation, stabilization, and micro-excavation techniques and training.
6860. Archaeological and Museum Conservation Methods Internship (3) Same as ANTH 6860 and HIST 6860
P: HIST 6840 and consent of instructor. Internship in archaeological and museum artifact conservation and artifact conservation laboratory operations.
6875. Seafaring: Above Water Nautical Archaeology (3) Same as HIST 6875
3 weeks intensive shipboard instruction. P: HIST 5505 or 5515 or 5520 or 6850; consent of instructor. Relationship of vessel to crew. Daily work as related to archaeological elements recovered from submerged sites. Documentary record.