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Graduate Catalog 2008-09

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HIST: History

5005. Selected Topics (3) (WI*)
May be repeated with change of topic. May count maximum of 3 s.h. toward graduate or undergraduate HIST major or minor. Intensive study of selected topics from historical perspective.
5122. Social and Cultural History of the United States Since 1865 (3)
Selected main currents in American thought. Social and intellectual activity since 1865.
5125. American Political Development in the Nineteenth Century (3)
Evolution of major political party conflict from mellowing of first party system to 1890s realignment.
5130. Comparative History of New World Slavery and Race Relations (3) (WI*)
Origin and development of slavery and race relations in US and various societies in Western Hemisphere.
5135. Problems in North Carolina History (3) (WI*)
P: HIST 1050, 1051; or consent of instructor. Process by which NC evolved from isolated English colony into part of modern US. Emphasis on bibliographic work. Research in archival and manuscript sources.
5140. The Old South (3)
Development of southern US to outbreak of Civil War.
5141. The South Since 1877 (3) (WI*)
Development of southern US from end of Civil War to recent years.
5220. Selected Topics in US Women’s History (3)
In-depth exploration of topics. Analysis of major themes, documents, and theoretical work.
5230. Themes in African American History (3)
Intensive examination of pivotal themes and writings.
5300. Comparative History of Non-Western Civilizations (3) (WI*)
Evolution of major civilizations of Asia, Africa, and Middle East. Emphasis on comparative cultural foundations of civilizations.
5310. Intellectual History of Europe (3)
Major themes of modern European thought. Analysis of selected readings from representative nineteenth- and twentieth-century thinkers.
5340. The Ancient Near East (3)
Civilizations from lower paleolithic age to conquest of Persia by Alexander the Great.
5350. The Renaissance in European History (3)
Cultural and intellectual developments of western Europe from about 1300 to about 1600.
5360. The Reformation, 1450-1598 (3)
European history from 1450 to 1598. Renaissance materials as background.
5440. Twentieth-Century England (3)
England in two great wars–World Wars I and II. Development of socialism. Breakup of British Empire. British Commonwealth of Nations. English development since 1945.
5450. Tudor-Stuart England (3)
Emergence of England into world leadership. Internal developments which shaped its political, economic, and social life in sixteenth, seventeenth, and early eighteenth centuries.
5470. History of Soviet Russia Since 1917 (3)
Russian revolutions of 1917 and rise of Soviet Union to superpower status.
5480. Weimar and the Rise of Hitler (3)
Society, culture, and politics of Germany during Weimar Republic. Failure of democracy and establishment of Nazi state.
5505. Maritime History of the Western World to 1415 (3)
Designated as European history. Maritime activities from classical antiquity through Middle Ages. Emphasis on development of maritime commerce, piracy, and naval warfare.
5515. Maritime History of the Western World 1415-1815 (3) (WI*)
Designated as European history. European voyages of discovery, expansion of maritime commerce, establishment of overseas possessions, and domination of world’s sea-lanes.
5520. Maritime History of the Western World Since 1815 (3)
Designated as American history. Impact of maritime activities on political, diplomatic, economic, and military affairs. Emphasis on technology.
5525. Sea Power, 480 BC to the Present (3) (WI*)
Sea power from Classical Era to the atomic age. Nature of warfare at sea. Changing role of sea power in eras of peace and war.
5530. Field School in Maritime History and Underwater Research (2) (S)
20 classroom/lab hours per week. P: Scientific diving certification; consent of instructor. Early field experience.
5555. Constitutionalism and Kingship in Early Modern Europe (3)
Royal absolutism as dominant philosophy in seventeenth-century state building. Role of Continental political ideologies in development of English constitutional government.
5660. Imperialism in Theory and Practice, 1800 to the Present (3) (WI*)
Theoretical and empirical perspectives on European expansion, primarily in Africa and Asia. Political, economic, social, and non European origins of imperialism.
5670. Diplomatic History of Europe, 1815 to the Present (3)
Survey of international relations of great European powers.
5680. Diplomatic History of Modern Asia (3)
Role of diplomacy. Emphasis on conflict between East and West since 1800.
5765. Latin America, 1492 to the Present (3) (WI*)
Selected historical problems in Latin-American society and economy. Conquests and settlement, role of indigenous people in the formation of Latin American society, reform and revolution, independence, and organization of nation states.
5910. Introduction to the Administration of Archives and Historical Manuscripts (3)
Background, preservation, and use of archives and historical manuscripts. Emphasis on historical evolution of archival profession and administration of archives and manuscript repositories.
5920, 5921. Techniques of Museum and Historic Site Development (3,0) (F)
History and theory of museology and techniques of museum and historic site management.
5930, 5931. Field and Laboratory Studies in Museum and Historic Site Development (3,0)
Development of practical methods for operation and management of history museums and historic sites.
5950. Introduction to Quantitative History (2)
P: 20 s.h. of undergraduate history. Categories of quantitative history. Role of computer and techniques of its implementation in historical research.
5951. Directed Readings and Research in Quantitative History (1)
P: HIST 5950. Intensive examination of special historical field in area of student’s interest. Research projects limited to quantitative assessments of historical eras.
5960. Introduction to Oral History (3)
theory and methodology of oral history interviewing and interpretation of oral history materials. Emphasis on fieldwork projects.
5970. Living History (3)
P: Consent of instructor. Interpretations of past events. Focus on seventeen- through nineteenth-century event specifics, world view, clothing, and accouterments.
5985. Historic Preservation Planning (3) Same as PLAN 5985
Historic preservation planning. Examines theoretical, legal, historical, and design bases of preservation planning.
6020. American Colonial History (3)
In-depth consideration of selected aspects of the period.
6025. American Revolution and Early Republic (3)
Evolution of Federal Union out of events and experiences of colonial, revolutionary, and confederation periods.
6030. Jefferson, Jackson, and the Atlantic World (3)
Emergence of the new nation in the context of the Atlantic World, focusing on the interaction of British, Spanish, French, African, and Native American peoples in the social, economic, and political development of the United States.
6035. Civil War (3)
Selected political, military, economic, and diplomatic problems of Civil War.
6040. United States History, 1865-1898 (3)
In-depth study of selected topics between Civil War and Spanish-American War.
6045. Progressive Movements and the Age of Normalcy in American History (3)
US domestic history from 1900 to 1929. Covers Progressive Era and the twenties.
6050. The Great Depression, New Deal, and World War II (3)
Historical assessment of US history between 1929 and 1945.
6055. The United States Since 1945 (3)
Detailed study of selected topics covering history of US since 1945.
6080. Studies in European Maritime History and Archaeology (3)
Shipwrecks and results of archaeological research from Vikings through age of Atlantic exploration and colonization.
6155. Gender and the Cold War (3)
Development of US Cold War foreign relations and domestic policy from a gender perspective. Research in archival and manuscript sources.
6180. Diplomatic History of the United States to 1898 (3)
Major episodes, principal interpretative conflicts, and significant personalities.
6181. Diplomatic History of the United States Since 1898 (3)
Major episodes, principal interpretative conflicts, and significant personalities.
6205. Topics in Military History (3)
May be repeated with change of topic. May count maximum of 3 s.h. toward degree. Intensive study of selected military topics from historical perspective.
6210. War and Society (3)
Interrelationship between society and warfare from the dawn of civilization to the present.
6221. American Military History to 1900 (3)
May not be taken by students who have earned credit for HIST 3121. History of military thought and institutions in US from era of American Revolution through nineteenth century. Interrelationship between war and society. Political, economic, and social aspects of military affairs.
6222. American Military History Since 1900 (3)
May not be taken by students who have earned credit for HIST 3122. History of American military thought and institutions since 1900. Interrelationship between war and society. Political, economic, and social aspects of military affairs.
6225. Battlefield Archaeology (3) Same as ANTH 6225
Theoretical and practical approaches to the analysis of battlefields using archaeology, history, and material culture.
6230. Warfare and Society in Ancient Greece and Rome, 750 BC to 500 AD (3)
War as common phenomenon.
6260. The United States and the Middle East, 1783 to the Present (3)
History of American interests and involvement in the Middle East since 1783.
6280. Eighteenth-Century Warfare (3)
Land sea warfare between 1650 and 1790. Global perspective. Emphasis on European and North American military, social, and political experiences.
6350. History of Ancient Greece (3)
Detailed study of certain selected aspects.
6355. History of Ancient Rome (3)
Detailed study of certain aspects.
6360. Medieval History (3)
Detailed study of certain selected aspects.
6365. Early Modern Europe, 1598-1815 (3)
Selected topics in history of continental Europe from beginning of seventeenth century to Congress of Vienna.
6370. Nineteenth-Century European History (3)
Intensive study of selected crucial issues.
6375. Twentieth-Century European History (3)
Emphasis on social and intellectual processes and effects of two world wars.
6444. The Old Regime, the French Revolution, and Napoleon (3)
Intensive study of society of orders, its disintegration and destruction by the French Revolution, and new order implemented by Napoleon.
6450. Imperial Britain, 1651-1965 (3)
History of Britain during its period of Empire. Focus on ideological, political, social, and economic impact of Empire on Britain itself from Cromwell to Churchill.
6610. Legal and Professional Issues in Maritime Studies (3) Same as MAST 6610
Legal cases, legislation, professional standards, grant writing, and scholarship.
6620. Public Policy and Management of Cultural Resources (3) Same as MAST 6620
Public laws and policies concerning local, state, national, and international regulations and practices for management of cultural resources of maritime and coastal environment.
6630. Seminar in Maritime Studies (3) Same as MAST
6630 Selected topics.
6640. Maritime Cultural Resources (3) Same as MAST 6640
Coastal environmental resources (both under and above water), public presentation and display in museums or other public facilities, and impact on tourism and oceanic development.
6650. Management of Coastal Cultural Resources (3) Same as MAST 6650
Management of submerged cultural resources, museums, aquariums, science or other public or private local, state, and federal educational agencies.
6660. Maritime Heritage of the Coast (3) Same as MAST 6660
Focus on NC. Comparative examples from other regions provide foundation of understanding of coastal maritime heritage, including submerged cultural resources.
6805. History and Theory of Nautical Archaeology (3)
P: Consent of instructor. Detailed introduction to historical and theoretical foundations.
6810. History of Marine Architecture and Ship Construction (3)
Development of marine architecture tracing the evolution of ship design from its Mediterranean origins through twentieth century. Emphasis on traditions influencing and/or developed in US. Associated construction techniques examined in detail and modeled.
6820. Research Methodology in Nautical Archaeology (3)
P: Consent of instructor. Detailed introduction to current research methods and equipment.
6825. American Maritime Material Culture (3)
P: Consent of instructor. Culture and various approaches used to examine material objects within the human maritime experience.
6830. Maritime Cultural Landscapes (3) Same as MAST 6830
P: Consent of instructor. Landscape archaeology theory; techniques for reconstructing landscapes; examination of maritime sites in terrestrial contexts.
6835. Advanced Methods for Maritime Archaeology (3) Same as MAST 6835
P: HIST 6820; consent of instructor. High-tech field equipment and software currently employed in maritime archaeology.
6840. Conservation of Material from an Underwater Environment (3)
3 lecture and 3 lab hours per week. P: Consent of instructor. Comprehensive introduction and preliminary laboratory experience.
6845. Advanced Archaeological and Museum Artifact Conservation (3) Same as ANTH 6845 and MAST 6845
P: Consent of instructor. Advanced archaeological and curatorial artifact conservation, stabilization, and micro-excavation techniques and training.
6850. Field Research in Maritime History (6)
P: HIST 5530; consent of instructor. Closely supervised on-site investigation of one or more selected underwater archaeological sites during first half of semester and laboratory cleaning, cataloging, analysis, and conservation of material from test site during second half. Historical, field, and lab research data developed for project report.
6860. Archaeological Museum Conservation Methods Internship (3) Same as ANTH 6860 and MAST 6860
P: HIST 6840 and consent of instructor. Internship in archaeological and museum artifact conservation and artifact conservation laboratory operations.
6875. Seafaring: Above Water Nautical Archaeology (3) Same as MAST 6875
3 weeks intensive shipboard instruction. P: HIST 5505 or 5515 or 5520 or 6850; consent of instructor. Relationship of vessel to crew. Daily work as related to archaeological elements recovered from submerged sites. Documentary record.
6885. Recording Watercraft (1)
P: HIST 6810; consent of instructor. Practical instruction in documentation of watercraft. Traditional measurement, photogrammetry, and computer-assisted drawing in accordance with national agency standards.
6900. Historiography: Introduction to Research (3)
Required of all candidates for HIST MA and MAEd. Problems of historical analysis. Major historians, historical writings, and trends in field of history.
6910. Seminar in American History (3)
Introduces research methodology and writing.
6920. Seminar in European History (3)
Introduces research methodology and writing.
6930. Seminar in Atlantic World History (3)
Introduces research methodology and writing.
6940, 6941, 6942. Graduate Internship in Archives and Historical Records Administration (3,6,9)
May count 3 s.h. toward internship (HIST 6940-6948). P: Consent of instructor. Supervised practical field experience in archival and manuscript agencies.
6943, 6944, 6945. Graduate Internship in Museum Administration (3,6,9)
May count maximum of 3 s.h. toward internship (HIST 6940-6948). P: Consent of instructor. Supervised practical field experience.
6946, 6947, 6948. Graduate Internship in Historic Site Administration (3,6,9)
May count 3 s.h. toward internship (HIST 6940-6948). P: Consent of instructor. Supervised practical field experience.
6990, 6991, 6992. Directed Studies in History (1,2,3)
Maximum of 10 percent of required hours in HIST can be taken by directed study courses. P: Consent of director of graduate studies in history and supervising professor. Advanced in-depth study on special topics under direction of graduate faculty member.
6993. Directed Research Project (3)
May be repeated. May count maximum of 3 s.h. Directed reading and research program for history MAEd candidates.
7000. Thesis (3)
May be repeated. May count maximum of 6 s.h.
7001. Thesis: Summer Research (1)
May be repeated. No credit may count toward degree. Students conducting thesis research may only register for this course during the summer.
HIST Banked Courses
5120. American Social and Cultural History to 1787 (3)
5121. American Social and Cultural History, 1787-1865 (3)
5150. The American West (3)
5210. History of American Urban Life (3)
5460. History of the Balkans in the Twentieth Century (3)
5770. The Relation of Latin America to World History (3)
6405. Proseminar in the History of England (3)