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Graduate Catalog 2008-09

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NUTR: Nutrition and Dietetics

5300. Nutrition for Wellness (3)
P: One course in clinical nutrition and one in nutrition education. Planning, implementing, and evaluating nutrition services and education in wellness programs.
6000. Vegetarian Nutrition (3)
Review of available scientific literature regarding the role of vegetarian diets in growth and development and in aging, with special emphasis on the role of vegetarian diets in the prevention and treatment of chronic health conditions.
6031. Practicum in Clinical Dietetics (3)
P: Admission to the dietetic internship. Development and integration of knowledge and skills in clinical dietetics practice settings.
6032. Practicum in Community Dietetics (3)
P: Admission to the dietetic internship. Development and integration of knowledge and skills in community dietetics practice settings.
6033. Practicum in Food Systems Management (3)
P: Admission to the dietetic internship. Development and integration of knowledge and skills in food systems management practice settings.
6100. Independent Research (3)
P: Consent of permanent graduate advisor. Conduct independent research study on topic related to program concentration.
6102. Current Issues in Clinical Nutrition (1)
P: NUTR 4312, 4313; or consent of instructor. In-depth review and presentation of current topics and issues in clinical nutrition. Subjects and course subtitles vary. Course may be repeated for credit with different subtitles.
6105. Human Nutrition in Physiology and Metabolism (3)
P: NUTR 3105, 3106; or equivalent. Integrates normal nutrition and metabolism at cellular level with physiologic functions of tissues, organs, and systems in humans.
6110. Nutrition Support (3)
P: NUTR 6105. Nutrition support dietetics including enteral and parenteral nutrition. Stages of the life cycle and specific disease states as they modify nutrition support needs are considered.
6120. Advanced Clinical Nutrition (3)
P: NUTR 4312, 4313, 6105. In-depth study of theory. Applies medical nutrition therapy to management of specific diseases.
6200. Methods in Nutrition Research (3)
P: Graduate standing in Nutrition and Dietetics or consent of instructor; C: Graduate-level statistics course. Review research methodologies in nutrition and develop research proposal.
6250. Nutritional Epidemiology (3)
P: BIOS 7021; NUTR 6200. Epidemiological principles and methodology to study nutritional determinants of disease.
6400. Food and Behavior (3)
Behavior change theory and the influence of the environmental, economic, cultural, interpersonal and physiological factors on food behaviors.
6500. Pediatric Nutrition (3)
P: NUTR 6105. Advanced study of nutritional requirements during infancy, childhood, and adolescence. Nutritional support of child with special problems.
6510. Maternal and Infant Nutrition (3)
P: NUTR 6105. Advanced study of nutritional needs of infants and pregnant and lactating women.
6520. Geriatric Nutrition (3)
P: NUTR 6105. Advanced study of role of nutrition in aging process. Nutrition-related health problems of the elderly and nutrition advocacy and education for elderly.
6530. Drug-Nutrient Interactions (3)
P: NUTR 6105. Examination of pharmacological and nutrient interactions, including drug-nutrient metabolism, problem identification, interpretation of scientific data and health issues, public health policy, and emerging legislative issues.
6600. Management in Dietetics (3)
P: NUTR 6200. Leadership and management principles for dietetics professionals and programs.
6610. Nutrition and Public Health Issues (3) Same as MPH 6610
P: Consent of instructor. Examines science base for community nutrition, including problem identification, interpretation of nutritional data and scientific issues, public health policy, societal and health trends, and emerging legislative issues related to nutrition and public health.
6640. Interdisciplinary Community Rural Health Practicum (3)
P: Admission to dietetic internship or consent of instructor. Prepares health care professionals for community-based practice in rural setting. Provides service to underserved rural citizens.
6900. Review of Current Literature (2)
P: Consent of permanent graduate advisor. Intensive review of current literature in selected topic. Enrollment during semester in which written and oral comprehensive exams for non-thesis program are completed.
6950. Seminar in Nutrition (1)
P: Consent of permanent graduate advisor. Review, evaluation, and presentation of current research.
7000. Thesis (3)
May be repeated. May count a maximum of 6 s.h.
NUTR Banked Courses
5050. Nutrition and the Workplace (1)
5211, 5212. Advanced Clinical Nutrition (1,2)
6210. Advanced Food Science (3)
6211. Nutrition Policies and Communication (3)
6215. International Food and Nutrition Issues (3)
6300. Advanced Studies in Carbohydrates and Lipids (3)
6301. Advanced Studies in Vitamins and Minerals (3)
6302. Advanced Studies in Protein and Amino Acids (3)
6440. Seminar in Food and Nutrition (3)