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Academic Affairs
Graduate Catalog 2008-09

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Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences

Department of History

Gerald J. Prokopowicz, Associate Professor and Acting Chairperson
(PhD, Harvard University)
Lawrence E. Babits, Professor
(PhD, Brown University)
Charles W. Calhoun, Professor
(PhD, Columbia University)
David C. Dennard, Associate Professor
(PhD, Northwestern University)
Michael J. Enright, Professor
(PhD, Wayne State University)
Michael B. Gross, Associate Professor
(PhD, Brown University)
Timothy Jenks, Associate Professor
(PhD, University of Toronto)
David E. Long, Associate Professor
(PhD, Florida State University)
Michael A. Palmer, Professor
(PhD, Temple University)
Anthony J. Papalas, Professor
(PhD, University of Chicago)
Donald H. Parkerson, Professor
(PhD, University of Illinois, Chicago)
Jonathan A. Reid, Associate Professor
(PhD, University of Arizona)
Nathan T. Richards, Associate Professor
(PhD, University of Flinders)
Bradley A. Rodgers, Professor
(PhD, Union Institute)
Timothy J. Runyan, Professor
(PhD, University of Maryland)
Todd L. Savitt, Professor
(PhD, University of Virginia)
Carl E. Swanson, Associate Professor
(PhD, University of Western Ontario)
Angela T. Thompson, Assistant Professor
(PhD, University of Texas)
John A. Tilley, Associate Professor
(PhD, Ohio State University)
John A. Tucker, Professor
(PhD, Columbia University)
Kenneth E. Wilburn, Assistant Professor
(DPhil, Oxford University)
Karin L. Zipf, Associate Professor
(PhD, University of Georgia)
Associate Graduate Faculty
M. Todd Bennett, Assistant Professor
(PhD, University of Georgia)
Wade G. Dudley, Teaching Associate Professor
(PhD, University of Alabama)
Lynn Harris, Assistant Professor
(PhD, University of South Carolina)
Richard L. Hernandez, Jr., Assistant Professor
(PhD, Stanford University)
Christopher A. Oakley, Assistant Professor
(PhD, University of Tennessee)
Kennetta H. Perry, Assistant Professor
(PhD, Michigan State University)
Chad Ross, Teaching Assistant Professor
(PhD, University of Missouri)
Mona L. Russell, Assistant Professor
(PhD, Georgetown University)
David J. Stewart, Assistant Professor
(PhD, Texas A&M University)
Anoush F. Terjanian, Assistant Professor
(PhD, Johns Hopkins University)