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Academic Affairs
Graduate Catalog 2008-09

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Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Sociology

Leon Wilson, Professor and Chair
(PhD, University of Michigan)
Donald E. Bradley, Associate Professor
(PhD, University of Texas)
Richard J. Caston, Professor
(PhD, Duke University)
Mamadi K. Corra, Assistant Professor
(PhD, University of South Carolina)
Bob Edwards, Associate Professor
(PhD, Catholic University of America)
Charles E. Garrison, Professor
(PhD, University of Kentucky)
Andrew Jacobs, Assistant Professor
(PhD, Michigan State University)
Jeffrey C. Johnson, Professor
(PhD, University of California, Irvine)
Arunas Juska, Associate Professor
(PhD, Lithuanian Academy of Sciences; PhD, Michigan State University)
Melinda D. Kane, Assistant Professor
(PhD, Vanderbilt University)
Sitawa Kimuna, Associate Professor
(PhD, Kansas State University)
David Knox, Professor
(PhD, Florida State University)
Robert Lee Maril, Professor
(PhD, Washington University)
James P. Mitchell, Professor
(PhD, Oklahoma State University)
Linda Mooney, Associate Professor
(PhD, University of Akron)
Susan C. Pearce, Assistant Professor
(PhD, New School for Social Research)
Rebecca Powers, Associate Professor
(PhD, Louisiana State University)
Christa Reiser, Associate Professor
(PhD, North Carolina State University)
Martin Schultz, Associate Professor
(PhD, Southern Illinois University)
Marieke Van Willigen, Associate Professor
(PhD, Ohio State University)
Kenneth R. Wilson, Professor
(PhD, Purdue University)
Associate Graduate Faculty
Christopher Mansfield, Professor
(PhD, Florida State University)