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Graduate Catalog 2008-09

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Coastal Resources Management

Lauriston R. King, Program Director, 377 Flanagan Building

PhD in Coastal Resources Management

The PhD program in coastal resources management (CRM) focuses on building skills in acquisition, interpretation, and synthesis of scientific information on coastal environments and populations. These skills are developed through a curriculum of traditional disciplinary course work, dissertation research, special seminars, and internships with government agencies and private sector organizations.

Each student focuses in one of the programs’ four areas of concentration (ecology, geoscience, social science, maritime studies), while developing a fundamental understanding of basic theory and methodology in two of the three other areas. The program provides specific knowledge in either estuarine/coastal ecology, coastal plain/continental margin geology, marine social science and public policy, or maritime cultural heritage; general knowledge of theory and methodology in two related areas; background in the structure and functioning of coastal/marine policy and management; and understanding of the mechanisms by which scientific information is used in the formulation of public policy and site- or resource-specific decisions involving the use of coastal resources.


The doctoral program requires a minimum of 65 s.h. of course work beyond a relevant baccalaureate degree, 23 s.h. of which are general requirements taken by all students in the program. These courses, designed to provide background essential to all four areas, include BIOS 7021; CRM 6100, 6200, 6300, 9000 (9 s.h.), 9400.

Students select a primary area of concentration of 18 s.h. and two complementary areas of 9 s.h. each, which provide breadth of knowledge about theory and methodology in disciplines outside the primary area. Elective course work totaling 6 s.h. completes the minimum 65 s.h. specified above.

Please contact the director of CRM for more details concerning application procedures, admission requirements, and specific academic requirements.