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College of Fine Arts and Communication

School of Art and Design

Michael Drought, Director, 2000 Jenkins Fine Arts Center
Scott Eagle, Assistant Director and Director of Graduate Studies, 2000 Jenkins Fine Arts Center


The National Association of Schools of Art accredits the School of Art and Design graduate programs. The North Carolina State Department of Public Instruction and the National Council on Accreditation of Teacher Education accredits the MAEd in art.

Admission Requirements

As a prerequisite to graduate study in a degree program, the School of Art and Design requires that the applicant meet the admission requirements of the university Graduate School. In addition, applicants must meet all admission requirements of the School of Art and Design, including a portfolio showing competence in a studio area or areas as well as sufficient undergraduate preparation in art history. Portfolio evaluation is a primary criteria used in making an admissions decision. Applicants with deficiencies in undergraduate course requirements or preparation will be required to remove them. All application materials should be submitted to the Graduate School by January 15 for fall semester and October 15 for spring semester.

MAEd in Art Education

The master of arts in education is the professional degree in art education. Applicants for the MAEd must possess at least the initial teaching license. Graduate certification requires demonstrated competence and recommendations from the certifying institution. This is a one-year or equivalent degree (33-36 s.h.). The total time limit for completing requirements for this degree is six years. Students interested in applying for admission to this degree program must submit a portfolio of slides of their work to indicate their competence in art as well as a satisfactory score on the Miller Analogies Test or the Graduate Record Examinations.

  1. Education: EDUC 6001; SPED 6002 - 6 s.h.
    Art education: ART 6800, 6801, 6898 - 9 s.h.
    Art electives - 9 s.h.
    Art history elective - 3 s.h.
  2. Thesis options (Choose one of the following) - 33-36 s.h.
    (33 s.h. minimum) The student may choose to do a thesis for 6 s.h. of credit. The thesis must be conventional research dealing with a significant problem in the field of art education.
    (36 s.h. minimum) The student may choose to take, in place of the thesis, and with the approval of the advisor, an additional 6 s.h. of art courses and 3 s.h. of electives. The final product of these courses is a cumulative project that demonstrates professional competence.
  3. Students must achieve a passing score on a comprehensive examination in art education and education.

MFA in Art

The master of fine arts degree is the terminal professional degree in studio art. This is a three-year or equivalent degree (60 s.h.). Assessments of progress are provided on a regular and periodic basis. Students must present the equivalent of the bachelor of fine arts degree, School of Art and Design program, which is described in the undergraduate catalog. The MFA degree does not require standardized test scores to apply. Students interested in applying for the MFA degree must present a portfolio of slides of their work prior to acceptance in the studio area in which they wish to major. Concentrations are offered in all areas represented by course work except art history and video art.

Art: Studio concentration for which candidate is qualified - 24 s.h.
Studio art electives (outside concentration area) - 12 s.h.
Art history - 12 s.h.
ART 6000 or art course approved by area coordinator - 3 s.h.
ART 7000 - 6 s.h.
General electives - 3 s.h.
Thesis: A creative thesis and a written report of the thesis are required.

MAT in Art Education

Please refer to the College of Education for the degree requirements for the master of arts in teaching and the master of arts in education, both of which lead to advanced certification.