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College of Health and Human Performance

Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies

Debra Jordan, Chair, 1404 Belk

The department of recreation and leisure studies offers separate degrees in recreation and park administration and recreational therapy administration. The 36-39 semester hour programs are designed for individuals employed in or seeking employment in a diverse range of settings. The master’s in recreation and park administration prepares students for positions in leisure services, including community parks and recreation, recreation resource management, recreation sports management, and travel and tourism. The master’s in recreational therapy administration provides advanced training for clinical, administrative, and research positions in recreational therapy and healthcare-related careers. Prior education and experience facilitates timely graduation. Individuals with undergraduate deficiencies will be required to remove such deficiencies through supplemental course work while enrolled in the graduate program.

MS in Recreation and Park Administration (36-39 s.h.)

  1. Core: RCLS 6000, 6100, 6110, 6120, 6210, 6220 - 18 s.h.
  2. Concentration: - 9 s.h.
    Generalist: MGMT 6102; MKTG 6162, 6642
    Recreational Sports Management: RCLS 5111, 6005; Choose 3 s.h. from: EXSS 6445; PADM 6120; PSYC 6445; RCLS 5100, 5101.
  3. Thesis or non-thesis option - 12-15 s.h.
    Thesis option: OMGT 6123; MKTG 6642; RCLS 7000 - 12 s.h.
    Non-thesis option: OMGT 6123; RCLS 6501; 9 s.h. of approved electives - 15 s.h.

MS in Recreational Therapy Administration (36-39 s.h.)

  1. Core: RCLS 6000, 6100, 6110, 6120 - 12 s.h.
  2. Concentration: RCTX 6310, 6320, 6330; COHE 6600 - 12 s.h.
  3. Thesis or non-thesis option - 12-15 s.h.
    Thesis option: BIOS 7021, 7022; RCLS 7000 - 12 s.h.
    Non-thesis option: BIOS 7021; RCTX 6502; 9 s.h. of approved electives - 15 s.h.
RCLS 6990 (Supervised Field Experience) will be required of recreation and leisure facilities and services administration students who do not have approved prior experience, internship, or certification in the recreation and leisure services industry and recreational therapy administration students who are not currently certified as therapeutic recreation specialists. Recreational therapy administration students not currently certified as therapeutic recreation specialists will also be expected to complete prerequisites required by national and state certification boards.

Graduate Certificate Programs

Certificate in Aquatic Therapy
The graduate certificate in aquatic therapy provides students with the theory, practical skills, and basic techniques for the use of aquatic therapy modalities including but not limited to Halliwick, Bad Ragaz, Watsu, Ai Chi, and Arthritic exercise. This certificate is open to students enrolled in graduate degree programs as well as nondegree applicants holding a baccalaureate degree. The program is designed to provide allied health practitioners the knowledge and skills necessary to use aquatic as an intervention to promote health, rehabilitation, and independence among individuals with disabilities.

The program requires completion of 12 s.h. in the respective areas as follows: RCTX 5000, 5001, RCLS 5100; 3 s.h. elective chosen in consultation with certificate coordinator. A list of appropriate electives is available from the certificate coordinator.

Certificate in Biofeedback
The graduate certificate in biofeedback will enable students and other health professionals to monitor, measure, and feed back physiological signals to individuals and clients in order to increase human performance and treat medical conditions. Students will be able to apply biofeedback as an intervention to predict, prevent and promote health and optimal performance as well as to treat various medical conditions. Those who successfully complete the certificate will have met the requirements necessary to sit for the national biofeedback certification examination offered by the Biofeedback Certification Institute of America. Students must be currently enrolled in a graduate program or admitted as a non-degree earning student. In addition, all students must complete BIOL 2130 and BIOL 2131 or their equivalent before admission to the certificate program.

The program requires completion of 12 s.h. as follows: RCTX 6001, 6002, 6003 and 6 s.h. electives selected in consultation with the certificate director.