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SOCI: Sociology

5100. Seminar in Social Inequality and Diversity (3)
P: Graduate standing in SOCI or consent of instructor. Critical examination of theory and research on stratification. Consequences for industrial and nonindustrial societies. Emphasis on method and design for analysis.
5200. Seminar in the Sociology of Health (3)
P: SOCI 2110 or consent of instructor. Individual as health care consumer. Social factors affecting distribution of disease in population, socio-political structure of health care services in US, and health care system from perspective of various health care providers.
5300. Seminar in Juvenile Delinquency (3)
P: SOCI 2110 or consent of instructor. Juvenile delinquency as a sociolegal phenomenon. Special attention to theoretical and methodological issues in study of delinquency, consequences of and societal responses to delinquency, and prediction and intervention techniques.
5318. Social Aspects of Death and Dying (3)
P: SOCI 2110 or consent of instructor. Sociological perspective. Focus on organizational aspects of death and dying as process and status.
5335. Sociology of Marriage Problems (3)
For students planning to work in marriage counseling. P: SOCI 2110; consent of instructor. Advanced study of nature, causes, consequences, and treatment of marriage problems. Supervised individual experience in sociological and counseling techniques.
5400. Seminar in Gender Roles (3)
P: SOCI 2110 or graduate standing or consent of instructor. Origins of gender roles and gender stratification. Personal, interpersonal, and social consequences of gender. Alternatives to traditional gender relations.
5500. Seminar in Population (3)
P: SOCI 3222 or 3225 or 3235 or consent of instructor. Intensive study of substantive theory, methods of population analysis, and select problems of population dynamics, communities, and regions.
5600. Seminar in Aging (3)
P: SOCI 2111 or consent of instructor. Places experience of aging in social context. Begins with examination of aging from demographic and entitlement perspectives and concludes with application of sociological theory to changing self definition accompanying age-related functional decline.
5700. Seminar in Social Interaction (3)
P: SOCI 2110 or graduate standing. Empirical research on interaction in small groups and relations between group structure and personality. Emphasis on micro sociological research methods and results.
5800. Seminar in the Family (3)
P: SOCI 2110 or graduate standing or consent of instructor. Sociological theories, methods, and applications involving family and social policies. Emphasis on comparative and social historical perspectives for understanding family in social context and change.
6010. Seminar on Immigration (3)
Sociological analysis of ongoing debates regarding the causes and consequences of immigration; implications for social diversity and inequality.
6100. Aging and Health (3) Same as GERO 6100; MPH 6100
P: Consent of instructor or Center on Aging associate director for educational programs. Analysis of behavioral, social, and cultural influences upon health status of older adults and intervention strategies.
6212, 6213. Social Statistics (3,0)
Principles underlying application of statistical techniques to sociological research data. Application of packaged computer programs to problems.
6300. Seminar in Environment and Society (3)
In-depth treatment of human dimensions of environmental conditions and issues. Emphasis on society as cause of environmental problems and social impacts of these problems at regional, national, and international levels.
6312, 6313. Multivariate Techniques and Analysis (3,0)
P: SOCI 6212, 6213. Multivariate techniques currently used in sociology (beginning with multiple regression). Evaluates published research using these techniques. Applies techniques to real data. Integrates sociological theory and statistics.
6400. Social Issues in Regional Development (3)
Social, cultural, and development issues facing regions such as eastern NC within context of social changes occurring in American society. Macro and micro sociological theories used to explore relationships between local issues (e.g., gender, race, class, power, poverty, and community) and national and international treads (e.g., demographic, social, and cultural).
6430. Society and the Individual (3)
Influence of culture and social relations on character structure and development of human personality. Draws from anthropological, sociological, and psychological materials.
6459. Seminar on Modern Sociological Theory (3)
Comparison and analysis of concepts, conceptual schemes, and theories of leading contemporary theorists in relation to modern research.
6488. Seminar in Research Methods and Design (3)
P: SOCI 6312, 6313. Research methodology, experimental and survey designs, and scaling and sampling techniques. Field projects designed and carried out by class. Critical analysis of techniques and results.
6500. Qualitative Methods (3)
Study and practice of participant-observation, in-depth interviews, and related methodologies used by sociologists.
6521. Readings in Sociology (1)
P: Consent of instructor and dept chair. Modern sociological research monographs or specialized areas of sociology in which student has taken one or more courses.
6523. Readings in Sociology (3)
May be repeated for a maximum of 6 s.h. P: Consent of instructor and dept chair. Extensive readings from modern sociological research monographs or specialized areas of sociology in which student has taken one or more courses.
6600. Society and Coastal Policy (3)
Sociological perspectives on relationship among society, marine and coastal science, coastal environmental problems and issues, and public policy formation. Special consideration given to current coastal environmental issues pertinent to NC.
6900. Special Topics Seminar (3)
May be repeated. Selected advanced topics in sociology.
6992. Practicum (6) 135 hours of relevant field work.
P: Approval of dept graduate faculty and student’s practicum committee. Plan, implement, and evaluate individual project of applied sociology.
7000. Thesis (1-6)
May be repeated. May count maximum of 6 s.h.
7001. Thesis: Summer Research (1)
May be repeated. No credit may count toward degree. Students conducting thesis research may only register for this course during the summer.
SOCI Banked Courses
5311. Contemporary Social Problems (3)
6418. Research in Marriage and the Family (3)
6429. Seminar in Social Organization (3)
6431. Seminar on Deviant Behavior (3)
6445. Seminar on Racial and Cultural Contacts (3)
6490. Small Group Research (3)