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Brody School of Medicine

Paul R. G. Cunningham, Dean and Senior Vice Chancellor for Medical Affairs
(MD, FACS, University of the West Indies)
Graduate Faculty
Abdel Abdel-Rahman, Professor
(PhD, Leeds University)
Shaw M. Akula, Associate Professor
(PhD, South Dakota State University)
Jeffery W. Bethel, Assistant Professor
(PhD, University of California, Davis)
Fred E. Betrand, Assistant Professor
(PhD, University of Alabama)
Kori Brewer, Associate Professor
(PhD, East Carolina University)
David Brown, Assistant Professor
(PhD, University of Colorado, Boulder)
Jared Brown, Assistant Professor
(PhD, University of Montana)
Hubert Burden, Professor
(PhD, Tulane University)
Carlos Campos, Research Instructor
(PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology)
Robert G. Carroll, Professor
(PhD, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey)
Joseph M. Chalovich, Professor
(PhD, University of Illinois)
Yan-Hua Chen, Associate Professor
(PhD, Emory University School of Medicine)
John D. Christie, Professor
(PhD, Rutgers University)
James P. Coleman, Associate Professor
(PhD, North Carolina State University)
David Collier, Associate Professor
(PhD, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; MD, East Carolina University)
Doyle M. Cummings, Professor
(PhD, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science)
M. Saeed Dar, Professor
(PhD, Medical College of Virginia)
Jian Ding Dean, Associate Professor
(MD, Shanxi College; PhD, University of South Carolina)
James E. DeVente, Associate Professor
(MD, PhD, East Carolina University)
Jamie DeWitt, Assistant Professor
(PhD, Indiana University)
Larry Dobbs, Associate Professor
(MD, PhD, University of Kansas)
G. Lynis Dohm, Professor
(PhD, Kansas State University)
Rukiyah Van Dross-Anderson, Assistant Professor
(PhD, Rutgers University)
Ronald W. Dudek, Professor
(PhD, University of Minnesota)
Stephen Engelke, Professor
(MD, John Hopkins University)
Donald J. Fletcher, Professor
(PhD, Emory University)
Paul L. Fletcher, Jr., Associate Professor
(PhD, Vanderbilt University)
Richard A. Franklin, Associate Professor
(PhD, University of Illinois)
James E. Gibson, Research Professor
(PhD, University of Iowa)
Carl E. Haisch, Professor
(MD, University of Washington)
Charles A. Hodson, Professor
(PhD, Iowa State University)
Donald R. Hoffman, Professor
(PhD, California Institute of Technology)
Thomas Irons, Vice Chancellor Regional Health Services
(MD, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
Stephanie B. Jilcott, Assistant Professor
(PhD, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
Roberta M. Johnke, Associate Professor
(PhD, Duke University)
Ronald S. Johnson, Professor
(PhD, Northwestern University)
George J. Kasperek, Professor
(PhD, Oregon State University)
Laxmansa C. Katwa, Associate Professor
(PhD, University of Mysore)
Brett D. Keiper, Associate Professor
(PhD, Brandeis University)
Cheryl B. Knudson, Professor
(PhD, University of Southern California)
Warren Knudson, Professor
(PhD, University of Illinois)
Kathy Kolasa, Professor
(PhD, RD, LDN, University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
Peter Kragel, Professor
(MD, Georgetown University)
Alan Kypson, Assistant Professor
(MD, Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons)
Suzanne Lea, Associate Professor
(PhD, University of California, Berkley; MPH, Yale University)
John Lehman, Professor
(PhD, University of Pennsylvania, The Wistar Institute)
Isabelle Lemasson, Assistant Professor
(PhD, University Montpellier)
Thomas Louis, Professor
(PhD, Michigan State University)
Qun Lu, Associate Professor
(PhD, Emory University)
Robert M. Lust, Professor
(PhD, Texas Tech University)
Achut Malur, Assistant Professor
(PhD, Free University of Brussels)
Mark D. Mannie, Professor
(PhD, Northwestern University)
Christopher Mansfield, Professor
(PhD, Florida State University)
Daniel W. Martin, Research Assistant
(PhD, University of Texas, San Antonio)
Mona M. McConnaughey, Research Associate Professor
(PhD, Indiana University)
James A. McCubrey, Professor
(PhD, University of Wisconsin)
Brian A. McMillen, Professor
(PhD, University of Illinois, Chicago)
Daniel Moore, Professor
(MD, Jefferson Medical College)
Justin B. Moore, Assistant Professor
(PhD, University of Texas, Austin)
M.D. Motaleb, Assistant Professor
(PhD, Osaka University)
Barbara Muller-Borer, Associate Professor
(PhD, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
Alexander Murashov, Associate Professor
(MD, Moscow 2nd and Medical Institute; PhD, Academy of Medical Sciences)
Lloyd F. Novick, Professor
(MD, New York University; MPH Yale University)
Phillip H. Pekala, Professor
(PhD, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)
Everett C. Pesci, Professor
(PhD, University of Kentucky)
Tarun Podder, Clinical Associate Professor
(PhD, University of Hawaii, Manoa)
Walter J. Pories, Professor
(MD, University of Rochester)
Richard H. Ray, Professor
(PhD, Medical College of Georgia)
Lorita Rebellato-deVente, Associate Professor
(PhD, East Carolina University)
Randall H. Renegar, Professor
(PhD, University of Florida)
Jacques Robidoux, Assistant Professor
(PhD, University of Montreal)
Edson Rocha, Research Assistant Professor
(PhD, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro/University of Glasgow)
Roy Martin Roop, Professor
(PhD, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)
Rachael Roper, Associate Professor
(PhD, University of Rochester)
Ruth A. Schwalbe, Associate Professor
(PhD, University of Minnesota)
Edward R. Seidel, Professor
(PhD, University of Alabama, Birmingham)
Claudio H. Sibata, Professor
(PhD, University of Wisconsin)
George Sigounas, Professor
(PhD, Boston University)
C. Jeffrey Smith, Professor
(PhD, University of Illinois)
John P. Smith, Teaching Associate Professor
(PhD, Medical College of Virginia)
Ken Soderstrom, Associate Professor
(PhD, Oregon State University)
Ann O. Sperry, Associate Professor
(PhD, Rice University)
Paul H. Strausbauch, Professor
(MD, University of Miami; PhD, University of Washington)
David A. Taylor, Professor
(PhD, West Virginia University)
David M. Terrian, Professor
(PhD, Wayne State University)
Mary Jane Thomassen, Professor
(PhD, University of Minnesota)
Michael R. Van Scott, Professor
(PhD, West Virginia University)
Kathryn M. Verbanac, Professor
(PhD, University of Iowa)
Jitka Virag, Assistant Professor
(Louisiana State University)
David G. Weismiller, Professor
(MD, Thomas Jefferson University)
John Edwin Wiley, Professor
(PhD, North Carolina State University)
Christopher J. Wingard, Associate Professor
(PhD, Wayne State University)
Li Yang, Assistant Professor
(PhD, Wayne State University)
Emmanuel E. Zervos, Professor
(MD, University of Michigan)
Associate Graduate Faculty
Ethan Anderson, Assistant Professor
(PhD, Yale University)
Stefan Clemens, Assistant Professor
(PhD, Université Bordeaux 1, France)
Beng Fuh, Assistant Professor
(PhD, Freie Universitataet, Berlin, Germany
Annette Greer, Clinical Assistant Professor
(PhD, East Carolina University)
Christopher Geyer, Assistant Professor
(PhD, University of Texas Health Science Center)
M.G.F. Gilliland, Professor
(MD, Loyola University)
Heng Hong, Assistant Professor
(MD, Shanghai Medical University; PhD, University of Southern California)
Zhibin Huang, Assistant Professor
(PhD, Case Western University)
Suzanne Lazorick, Assistant Professor
(MD, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
Janet Malek, Assistant Professor
(PhD, Rice University)
Maria Ruiz-Echevarria, Assistant Professor
(PhD, Centro de Investigaciones (Madrid, Spain)
Saame Shaikh, Assistant Professor
(PhD, Indiana University)
Brian M. Shewchuk, Assistant Professor
(PhD, Pennsylvania State University)
Kristina Simeonsson, Assistant Professor
(MD, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
David Tulis, Associate Professor
(PhD, Eastern Virginia Medical School)
Dianne M. Walters, Assistant Professor
(PhD, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health)
Lauren MacKenzie Whetstone, Clinical Associate Professor
(PhD, Claremont Graduate University)
Graduate Teaching Faculty
Edward Apetz, Clinical Instructor
(MD, University of Zurich, Switzerland)
David Hannon, Professor
(MD, University of South Florida)
Nicholas Polakowski, Research Instructor
(PhD, Colorado State University)
Matt Rosenbaum, Assistant Professor
(DVM, University of Tennessee)
Kelly Warren, Assistant Teaching Professor
(Virginia Commonwealth University)
Douglas Weidner, Research Assistant Professor
(PhD, University of Nevada)