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Coastal Resources Management

Hans Vogelsong, Program Director, 377 Flanagan Building

PhD in Coastal Resources Management

The PhD program in coastal resources management (CRM) seeks to meet the need for scientifically trained specialists able to move effectively between the worlds of academia, research, policy, and management through an interdisciplinary program of study, experience, and research.

Each student focuses in one of the programs’ three areas of concentration (coastal and estuarine ecology, coastal geosciences, social science and public policy), while developing a fundamental understanding of basic theory and methodology in one of the two other areas. The program provides specialized knowledge in one of these areas; general knowledge of theory and methodology in one related area; an introduction to the structures, processes, and implementation of coastal/marine policy and management; and understanding of the mechanisms by which scientific information is used in the formulation of public policy.


The doctoral program requires a minimum of 68 s.h. of course work beyond a relevant baccalaureate degree, 44 s.h. of which are general requirements taken by all students. These courses, designed to provide background essential to all three are BIOL 7003; CRM 7005, 7006, 7007, 7008, and 9000; GEOL 7002; GRAD 7004; PADM 7004; and a minimum of 18 s.h. of dissertation.

In addition to the 44 s.h. of general requirements, students select a primary area of concentration of 18 s.h. and one complementary areas of 6 s.h.

Please contact the program director for details concerning application procedures, admission requirements, and academic expectations.