Division of Academic Affairs
Graduate Catalog 2012-13

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MIS: Management Information Systems

6143. Management Information Systems I (3)
Emphasis on computer application.
6843. Systems Analysis and Design (3)
P: MIS 6143. Information systems analysis and design from information system/requirements analysis and application system design perspectives.
6853. Seminar in Information Systems (3)
P: MIS 6143. Current and emerging concepts, tools, and methodologies in information systems.
6863. Enterprise Infrastructure (3)
P: MIS 6143. Data and telecommunications fundamentals for design, implementation, and management of digital networks.
6873. Data Management (3)
P: MIS 6143. Fundamental concepts and issues in database design, management, and application of data management technologies to support managerial decision making.
6883. Web Technologies for Business (3)
P: MIS 6143. Exploration of issues, strategies, and evolving techniques that enable modern web applications for organizations.
6923. Topics in Management Information Systems (3)
P: MIS 6143.