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Graduate Catalog 2012-13

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PATH: Pathology

7430. Cytometric Technologies (3) Same as PATH 7430
Principles, instrumentation and methodologies of cytometry, with emphasis on flow cytometry and confocal microscopy.
8800. Principles of Pathology (4)
P: Consent of course director. Cell injury, cell death, acute inflammation, chronic inflammation, regeneration and repair, pigments and mineralization, thrombosis and infarction, teratogenesis and oncogenesis, etiogenesis of cancer, genetic disease, auto immune disease, bacterial disease, and nutritional disease.
8801. Systemic Pathology (8)
P: PATH 8800; consent of course director. Cardiovascular system, hematopathology, respiratory system, gastrointestinal system, including liver and pancreas, kidney, reproductive pathology, endocrinology, nervous system, skin and musculoskeletal system.
8805. Contemporary Pathobiology (2)May be repeated.
P/C: PATH 8800; consent of instructor. Disease processes from ultrastructural, developmental, immunological, cellular, and molecular points of view. Illustrative examples of experimental models and molecular aspects of disease processes.
8815. Seminar in Pathology (1)
May be repeated. May count a maximum of 6 s.h. P: Admission to a BSOM graduate program or consent of course director. Critique of current literature in pathology, concentrating on one topic each semester. Seminar presentation.
9000. Dissertation Research (3-12)
May be repeated. May count for a maximum of 36 s.h. This course is graded S or U and is not included in meeting the cumulative “B” average required for graduation.
9001. Dissertation: Summer Research (1)
May be repeated. No credit may count toward degree. Students conducting dissertation research may only register for this course during the summer.