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Welcome to the Honors College at East Carolina University
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The mission of the Honors College at East Carolina University is to prepare tomorrow's leaders through the recruitment, engagement, and retention of exceptionally talented students of character in a diverse intellectual living-learning community and to challenge them to attain high levels of academic achievement.

Review our prospective student information sheet to learn more about the outstanding opportunities and programs in the Honors College at East Carolina University.

Examining Public Health Policies and Outcomes

By Brice Bowry, freshman EC Scholar

BowrySince 1995, the first full week of April has officially been National Public Health Week. This week is intended to be a time where the public health community can come together to celebrate advancements in the field and highlight areas where improvements can still be made. A critical part of achieving these objectives is conducting research to examine topics such as the effectiveness of certain public health policies or how various external factors affect public health policies and outcomes. Conducting research like this is exactly what one Brody School of Medicine professor of public health, two graduate students and I have been doing since Fall 2015.

Our research began as an offshoot of a larger project, but eventually we decided that our findings were significant enough to deserve a poster presentation of their own. We decided to title the research “History and Tobacco Legislation Reform in Eastern North Carolina.” As the title suggests, the poster we created focused on how various historical, cultural, financial and political factors affected the strength of tobacco legislation in various North Carolina counties.

By examining legislation, looking at statistical data and conducting interviews with stakeholders and policymakers, we sought to fully understand why some counties have far more robust and effective tobacco legislation than others. In the end, we found some key facilitators and barriers that can lead to strong or weak tobacco control laws.

We went to present this research at both the ECU Public Health Research Symposium and the Public Health Conference held at UNC-Wilmington in honor of National Public Health Week. This conference consisted of a poster showcase, two speakers and, of course, time to meet and greet everyone in attendance.

During the poster showcase, we were able to display our research alongside dozens of other students from various disciplines such as nursing, public health and physical therapy. Both speakers were fascinating, but one gave a particularly interesting presentation about chemotherapy and exercise. She discovered that, surprisingly, physical activity is very beneficial to patients undergoing chemotherapy, so she is currently working to create programs to get chemotherapy patients up and active.

In addition to these great speakers, I had a wonderful opportunity to meet a number of Masters of Public Health degree students from both the ECU and UNCW graduate schools. Overall, assisting in research and participating in the UNC Wilmington Public Health Conference were very interesting and informative experiences. I am very thankful that I had these opportunities.

Honors Seminar: Breaking the Boundaries of Race

By Tricia Malcolm

MalcolmLet me be clear, I did not expect to learn as much as I had from my Honors Seminar, Breaking the Boundaries of Race. I have never personally noticed any racial injustices, but I suppose I wasn’t looking. I understand now that I am privileged, and that I need to be more aware of what is going on around me.

Now I believe that I am, and that I could help others become aware too. This class has really enlightened me because it divulges into everyday racism, involuntary racism, and even racism against your own race. Regardless of those lessons, my classmates and I have learned to develop actual solutions for East Carolina University.

With the increasing levels of racial violence occurring not only on our campus, but within our nation, we have devised a strategy to combat these issues. Our strategy is to gather a collective of students from different backgrounds and groups on campus, such as The Indian Student Association, and bring them all together. This collective is known as Coming Together.

Although, we are not an official group in the eyes of East Carolina University just yet, we are moving forward with the paperwork. Anyone interested can join our Facebook group and become involved in our movement.

Honors College Students Receive Phi Kappa Phi Awards

Anna A. Lawrence awarded Eldean Pearce Graduate Fellowship for 2015-2016 Lawrence
Each year, the ECU Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi awards the Eldean Pearce graduate fellowship, named for a former chapter secretary, to one senior student. The 2015-2016 winner is Anna A. Lawrence. She received a plaque and a check for $1,500 from the chapter at the annual initiation ceremony on April 17, 2016. In addition, Anna’s materials were sent to the national graduate fellowship competition by the chapter. Anna is a member of the Honors College and graduated in May with dual degrees in Hispanic Studies and Anthropology and a minor in Linguistics. READ MORE

Leela Goel named Outstanding Senior by ECU Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi Goel
The ECU Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi recognized Leela Goel, an EC Scholar and member of the ECU Honors College, as the Outstanding Senior for 2015-2016. She received a plaque and a check for $1000 from the chapter at the annual initiation ceremony on April 17, 2016. Leela graduates in spring 2016 with a degree in biomedical engineering in the College of Technology and Engineering. Leela held several internships to help her define her research interests and goals. READ MORE

Glenesha Berryman named Outstanding First-Year Student by Phi Kappa PhiBerryman
Glenesha Berryman, an EC Scholar and member of the Honors College, has been recognized by the ECU Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi national honor society, as the Outstanding First-Year Student for 2015-2016. She was awarded a plaque and a check for $500 from the chapter at the annual initiation ceremony on Sunday, April 11, 2016. Glenesha is from a military family is the first in her family to attend college. She made the journey to ECU from Seoul, South Korea, where she finished high school. Glenesha is pursuing a BS degree in English Education in the College of Education and a major in English with the Harriot College of Arts and Sciences. She has a passion for leadership, international relations and education advocacy and has been involved with the Honors College Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement. READ MORE