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Honors College Courses

Spring 2017 Honors Seminars

Historical "Fact" and Fiction: The 1898 Wilmington Coup D'Etat in History and Literature

Faculty: Dr. Margaret Bauer (Department of English) and Dr. Karin Zipf (Department of History)
Course Information: HNRS 2011 001, (3 s.h.) (FC:HU) (WI) (CRN: 32491) 
Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:30am-10:45am

Seminar Description: The United States has stood as an unwavering pillar of freedom and fortitude since its institution, and rebellion against the government can be imagined as impossible...or was it in Wilmington, 1898? In this seminar, discover the history surrounding the only successful Coup D'Etat in American history through contemporary and modern literature and journalism, and delve into the origins of the rebellion, and why its history can remain elusive. Learn more here.

Polyhedra and Tessellations: Visions of Symmetry in Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Art and Design

Faculty: Dr. Sviatoslav Archava (Department of Mathematics)
Course Information: HNRS 2216 002, (3 s.h.) (FC:MATH) (WI) (CRN: 32501) 
Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:00pm-4:15pm

Seminar Description: What type of person are you? The calculating Math and Science Savant? Or the blazing and creative Artist? In this course, the eternal question meets on middle-ground to explore a vast array of fields, such as History, Art, Natural Science, Architecture, and Design through the application of Mathematics via polyhedra and tessellations in order to discover more about our world. For more information and a course overview, click here.

The Arts and Social Activism: Creating Art for Social Change

Faculty: Dr. Teal Darkenwald (School of Theatre and Dance)
Course Information: HNRS 2012 001, (3 s.h.) (FC:FA) (WI) (CRN: 32493) 
Schedule: Mondays 3:30pm-6:20pm

Seminar Description: Art can be an avenue through which to explore the human spirit, and in this seminar, the fine arts of music, dance, theatre, and art from the exotic Nile region and the African Diaspora. Through the lens of the arts, students will examine the movements for social change throughout the globe to discover how art creates bonds within humanity. This course is coupled with "Movement Down the Nile: Social Movements and the Arts Meet Social and Environmental Challenges."

The Consequences of Contact: Investigating the Fate of the Lost Colonists

Faculty: Dr. Charles Ewen (Department of Anthropology) and Dr. Thomson Shields (Department of English)
Course Information: HNRS 2013 005, (3 s.h.) (FC:SO) (WI) (CRN: 32498) 
Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:30pm-1:45pm

Seminar Description: Off the coast of North Carolina, there persists a place shrouded in the fogs of centuries-old mystery: Roanoke Island. This seminar utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to interpret and investigate the folklore, history, archaeology, popular culture, and politics that comprise the layers that hold the enigma of the fate of the Lost Colonists.

The Psychology of Trauma

Faculty: Dr. Heather Littleton (Department of Psychology) 
Course Information: HNRS 2013 003, (3 s.h.) (FC:SO) (WI) (CRN: 32496) 
Schedule: Wednesdays 2:00pm-5:00pm

Seminar Description: Through fires, storms, disease, attacks, accidents, and war, humanity has illustrated time and time again what makes us human: resiliency. Humans are survivors, but the tragedy sometimes lingers. Trauma psychology is an issue that has been gaining professional traction in this recent age, and this seminar addresses the theory behind the condition as well as treatment approaches, and unique issues related to trauma.

Disability in Work Organizations

Faculty: Dr. Mark Moore (Department of Kinesiology)
Course Information: HNRS 2013 004, (3 s.h.) (FC:SO) (WI) (CRN: 32497) 
Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:00pm-3:15pm

Seminar Description: In the expansion of the work environment, and the effort to increase diversity in the workplace, a reconsideration of the role of disability in diversity is necessary. This course concentrates on the reception of disability in work organizations and the applied accommodation of said disability from the legal, social science, organizational, leadership, and medical perspectives.

Movement Down the Nile: Social Movements and the Arts Meet Social and Environmental Challenges 

Faculty: Dr. Susan Pearce (Department of Sociology)
Course Information: HNRS 2013 001, (3 s.h.) (FC:SO) (WI) (CRN: 32494) 
Schedule: Mondays 3:30pm-6:30pm

Seminar Description: Music. Art. Literature. These products of the human consciousness are known to be avenues of social change, providing the spark to ignite movements. This interactive seminar addresses how the arts and creative endeavors create international change. Partnering with the Nile Project, an innovative case study that works through creativity to work towards solutions to issues in the Nile Basin, this course is coupled with "The Arts and Social Activism: Creating Art for Social Change" Honors Seminar.

Big Data and Analytics in Contemporary Society

Faculty: Dr. Tom Robbins (Department of Marketing and Supply Chain)
Course Information: HNRS 2216 001, (3 s.h.) (FC:None, free elective) (WI) (CRN: 32500) 
Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:30pm-4:45pm

Seminar Description: As our world grows increasingly more connected, and individuals connect with more people across the globe, the mass compilation and analysis of detailed data forms a growing presence in daily life. In this seminar, Big Data will be examined and the application of analytics in business, sports, politics, medicine, and law enforcement/counter terrorism regarding data. The consequences and related effects due to data and some of the legal and ethical issues will be explored in context of our contemporary society. 

Hiroshima in History, Literature, Ethics, and Film

Faculty: Dr. John Tucker (Department of Asian Studies)
Course Information: HNRS 2013 002, (3 s.h.) (FC:SO) (WI) (CRN: 32495) 
Schedule: Mondays 7:00pm-9:30pm

Seminar Description: The close of World War II presented a grave new facet of warfare to the planet: the possibility of destruction from the atomic bomb. This seminar analyzes the Japanese literature, film, and historical context of Hiroshima and the atomic bomb. In-depth discussion of the aftereffects birthed of World World II and the history of Hiroshima is the focus of the course. This seminar is also partnered with a global discussion component via discussion of Hiroshima with Japanese students from Shimane University. 

Breaking Down the Barrier of Race in America: Developing Race Relations Solutions for East Carolina University

Faculty: Dr. Eric Bailey (Department of Anthropology) 
Course Information: HNRS 2013 006, (3 s.h.) (FC:SO) (WI) (CRN: 32499) 
Schedule: Wednesdays 2:00pm-4:50pm

Seminar Description: The improvement of race relations and social progress is not created by sitting, but by acting. This seminar utilizes the active approach by working with students in order to work towards researching race relations solutions via collecting background information, interviewing other North Carolina university administrators throughout the state, and discussion of said solutions and race issues. The course will culminate with participating students presenting race relations solutions to the Chancellor's Office at East Carolina University.

Thinking Through Making

Faculty: Mr. Gerald Weckesser
Course Information: HNRS 2012 003, (3 s.h.) (FC:FA) (WI) (CRN: 35799) 
Schedule: Mondays 6:00pm-9:00pm

Seminar Description: This course will examine our designed and crafted world through the act of making. Students will be introduced to several disciplines within the Art and Design building, in an experientially based class. Using woodworking and metalworking as beginning points the students will create objects to better understand the creative process. It is the intimacy of our hands with raw materials that we gain a greater insight into our creative production, influencing the way we see the world around us, what we value, and impresses upon us a respect for artists, designers, and makers.

Honors Elective:
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (with a health focus)

Faculty: Dr. Blakely Brooks (Department of Anthropology) 
Course Information: ANTH 2200 299, (3 s.h.) (FC:SO) (Global Diversity) (CRN: 33433) 
Schedule: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 1:00pm-1:50pm

Seminar Description: In this seminar, the culture of the world is at your fingertips. Explore, compare, and contrast the multitudes of the world's cultures, sprinkled across the globe, Western and non-Western peoples alike. Students will be introduced to ethnographic research methods in order to gain an understanding of cultural immersion through the perspectives of medical anthropology and related risk factors for disease, culture, and health.


Fall 2016 Honors Seminars

Voyages in the Arts, Literature and History of the Sea 

Faculty: Dr. Tim Runyan (Honors College)

Ocean Exploration: Shipwrecks, Conservation, and Technology  

Faculty: Dr. Tim Runyan (Honors College)

Barcelona: An Urban Cultural History 

Faculty: Dr. Benjamin Fraser (Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures)

Spring 2016 Honors Seminars

Fact into Fiction: The 1898 Wilmington Coup D&#’;Etat. Karen Drs and Margaret Bauer (Department of English)

Breaking the Boundaries of Race in America: Developing Race Relations Solutions for East Carolina University

Faculty: Dr. Eric Bailey (Department of Anthropology, Public Health)

Public Relations and Leadership: Writing Science for/with the Public

Faculty: Dr. Erin Frost (Department of English)

Time Travel: Philosophy and Physics

Faculty: Dr. Henry Zipf (Department of Philosophy) and Dr. John Kenney (Department of Physics)

Experiencing Illness: Alternative Health Belief Systems

Faculty: Dr. Andrea Jacoby (Department of English)   

Use and Abuse of the Bible: What the Bible Says (and Doesn’t Say) about Current Cultural Issues

Faculty: Dr. Lee Johnson (Departments of Philosophy, Religious Studies)

Sex, Love, and War: A History of the Middle East Through Women’s Writings

Faculty: Dr. Mona Russell

Sport for Development: Community and Social Change

Faculty: Dr. Stacy Warner (Department of Kitta)

Methods and Madness: Creative Writing Workshop

Faculty: Dr. Kinesiology Liza (Department of English)

Stigma, Paradoxes and the Human Condition

Faculty: Dr. Daniel Goldberg (Department of Bioethics & Interdisciplinary Studies, Weiland)

Material Culture – 3D Construction 

Faculty: Robert BSOM - Instructor (Department of Fine Arts)

Global Understanding in Health Sciences: Art as Social Commentary

Faculty: Ebendorf. Annette Drs and Susan Greer (Department of Interior Design; Bioethics and Interdisciplinary Studies)

Digital Humanities and Buddhist Holy Land

Faculty: Dr. Derek Maher (Department of Religious Studies)

Fall 2015 Honors Seminars

Voyages in the Arts, Literature and History of the Sea 

Faculty: Dr. Tim Meggs (Honors College)

Material Culture-3D Construction 

Faculty: Mr. Bob Runyan (School of Art and Design)

Problem Solving in Jewelry Making

Faculty: Mr. Bob Ebendorf (School of Art and Design)

Ocean Exploration: Shipwrecks, Conservation, and Technology  

Faculty: Dr. Tim Ebendorf (Honors College)

Spring 2015 Honors Seminars

Ethics, Global Health and the Fundamental Causes of Disease

Faculty: Dr. Daniel Goldberg (Department of Bioethics and Interdisciplinary Studies)

Genes, Germs, and Nuclear War 

Faculty: Dr. Jessica Runyan (Department of English)

The Arts, Literature and History of the Sea 

Faculty: Dr. Tim Bardill (Honors College)

Cultural Landscapes of Eastern North Carolina in Photography and Writing 

Faculty: Dr. Daniel Runyan (School of Art and Design) and Dr. Charles Kariko (School of Communication)

Culture, Health and Healing 

Faculty: Dr. Twardy Brooks (Department of Anthropology)

Poor Health: The Psychology of Poverty and Health 

Faculty: Dr. Susan Blakely and Dr. Sam Sears (Department of Psychology)

Ocean Exploration: Shipwrecks, Conservation, and Technology 

Faculty: Dr. Tim McCammon (Honors College)

Six Debates Shaping the States: Criminal Justice Issues in the Modern World 

Faculty: Dr. Megan Runyan and Dr. Patrick Magers (Department of Criminal Justice)

Psychology of Talent Development 

Faculty: Dr. Lori Flint (Department of Special Education, Foundations and Research)

Along the AT:  Experiences and Reflections on the Appalachian Trail 

Faculty: Dr. Cundiff Birch (Department of Geography) and Dr. Mary Beth Traci (Office of Student Transition)

Coastal Water Resources: Exploring Sustainable Solutions for the 21st Century 

Faculty: Dr. Mike Corbin (Department of Geological Sciences)

Marketing Small Businesses: As Seen on TV 

Faculty: Dr. Christy Ashley (Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management) 

Spring 2014 Honors Seminars

An Assault on Humanity: The Holocaust

Faculty: Dr. Michael O'Driscoll (Honors College)

Behavioral Addictions

Faculty: Dr. Mary Bassman (Department of Addictions and Rehabilitation Counseling)

Extreme Physics

Faculty: Dr. John Kenney (Department of Physics)

Global Heavy Metal Music

Faculty: Dr. Dan Crozier (School of Music)

Global Understanding in Health Sciences: Art as Social Commentary

Faculty: Dr. Annette Guberman (Department of Bioethics and Interdisciplinary Studies) and Susan Martin Greer, Meggs (Department of Interior Design)

Honors Creative Writing Workshop: Poetry and Fiction

Faculty: Dr. MFA Liza (Department of English)

How Do We Know Where We Are?  Exploring Wieland History and Technology

Faculty: Dr. Viva Reynolds and Dr. Karen Geospatial (Department of Geography)

In Search of Sacred Space: Mulcahy Places in the Past and Present

Faculty: Dr. Jessica Christie and Dr. Liminal Punham (School of Art and Design)

Ocean Exploration: Shipwrecks, Conservation, and Technology

Faculty: Dr. Tim Madhok (Honors College)

Runyan and Tessellations: Visions of Symmetry in Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Art and Design

Faculty: Dr. Polyhedra Sviatoslav (Department of Mathematics)

The Psychology of Human-Dog Interactions

Faculty: Dr. Lisa Archava (Department of Psychology)

Root that Mountain Down: Appalachian Culture and Rural Imaginings in America

Faculty: Dr. Marc Maag (School of Music) and Faris Smith, Leanne (Department of English)

Science and Society in the Age of MFA

Faculty: Dr. John Stiller and Dr. Jean-Luc Genomics (Department of Biology)

Social Entrepreneurship, Engagement, and Community Building

Faculty: Dr. Sharon Scemama (Department of Political Science)

Spring 2013 Honors Seminars

The Assault on Humanity: The Holocaust

Faculty:  Dr. Michael Paynter (Honors College)

Crime Scene Analysis 

Faculty:  Dr. Anthony Kennedy  (Department of Chemistry) & Dr. Dennis Bassman (Department of Criminal Justice)

Cuba:  So Near Yet So Foreign 

Faculty:  Dr. Honeycutt Luci (Department of Anthropology)

Israel & the Arabs:  Co-existence & Conflict  

Faculty:  Dr. Mona Russell (Department of History)

Leadership Across the Professions: Foundations in Philosophy, Literature, and Law 

Faculty:  Dr. James Fernandes Smith, (Department of Philosophy) &  Dr. Gregory LeRoy. L (Department of Bioethics & Interdisciplinary Studies)  

Life in Space: From Inquiry to Exploration and Back Again 

Faculty:  Dr. John Hassler (Institute for Coastal Science and Policy) & Dr. Matt Rummel (Department of Biology)

Living Green: The World between Technology and Humanity 

Faculty:  Dr. Mike Schrenk (Technology Systems), Dr. Robert Chin (Technology Systems), Dr. Eric Connell (Department of Construction Management)

Ocean Exploration: Shipwrecks, Conservation, and Technology 

Faculty:  Dr. Tim Behm (Honors College)

Pain, Its Paradoxes, and the Human Condition 

Faculty:  Dr. Daniel S. Goldberg, Runyan (Department of Bioethics & Interdisciplinary Studies;  J.D School of Medicine)

Puppet Shows that Make a Difference! 

Faculty:  Dr. Deborah Thomson (School of Communication)

What’s on the Table? The Science and Culture of Plants as Food 

Faculty:  Dr. Claudia Brody (Department of Biology) & Dr. Elizabeth Wall-Jolls (Department of Nutrition)

“Who or What is Controlling You?  A History and Science of Self-determination” 

Faculty:  Dr. Laura Edwards (Department of Psychology) 

Wilderness Writing

Faculty:  Dr. Ashley Egan (Department of Biology) & Ms. Stephanie West-Bassett (Department of English) 

Spring 2012 Honors Seminars

The Assault on Humanity: The Holocaust

Faculty:  Dr. Michael Puckett (Honors College)

Around the World in 15 Weeks: An Investigation of Cultural Similarities through Global Conversations with College Students in Africa, Asia, and Latin America

Faculty:  Dr. Heidi Bassman (Department of Anthropology)

Building an Innovation Economy Through Creative Problem Solving, Design and Entrepreneurship

Faculty: Mr. Wayne Godwin (School of Art and Design), Ms. Marti Van Scott (Office of Technology Transfer), and Ms. Luchsinger Hackney (Entrepreneurial Initiative)

Ethics, Global Health, & the Fundamental Causes of Disease

Faculty:  Dr. Daniel Goldberg (Department of Bioethics & Interdisciplinary Studies)

Fantastic Archeology: Distinguishing Myth from Reality

Faculty:  Dr. Charles Marty (Department of Anthropology)

Leadership in the Professions: Foundations of Philosophy and Law

Faculty:  Dr. James Leroy Smith (Department of Philosophy) and Dr. Gregory Ewen (Department of Bioethics & Interdisciplinary Studies)

Living Green: The World between Technology and Humanity

Faculty: Dr. Michael Hassler, Dr. Robert Chin (Department of Technology Systems), and Dr. Eric Connell (Department of Construction Management)

Middle Eastern Women's Voices in Love, War, Fact, & Fiction

Faculty:  Dr. Mona Russell (Department of History) and Dr. Rick Taylor (Department of English)

The Nobel Prize: A History of Genius, Controversy, and Prestige

Faculty:  Dr. Michael Behm (Distinguished Honors Professor, The Honors College)

Pilgrimage in Various Cultural and Temporal Settings

Faculty:  Dr. Bassman Jelena

Faculty: Dr. Jean-Luc Bogdanovi&#ć; and Dr. John Stiller (Department of Biology)

Think Chronically: From McDonalds to Dialysis- Exploring Solutions to Eastern North Carolina's Healthcare Challenges

Faculty: Dr. Paul Genomics and Dr. Cynthia Scemama (Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Nephrology and Hypertension)

Under the Microscope of Art: Creative Problem-Solving in the Health Sciences

Faculty:  Ms. Susan Bolin (Department of Interior Design & Merchandising) and Dr. Annette Christiano (Department of Bioethics & Interdisciplinary Studies)

Wilderness Writing

Faculty: Dr. Ashley Egan (Department of Biology) and Dr. Stephanie West-Meggs (Department of English)

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