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The Senior Honors Project

The Honors College at East Carolina University requires each student to complete a Senior Honors Project.

The Senior Honors Project can take the form of a thesis paper for students interested in research, or a portfolio for students interested in the fine arts. The Senior Honors Project is connected to a public presentation of the student’s research or creative achievement. The thesis paper is similar to a research paper and is a good choice for many of our students who are focused on researching a topic’s content or compiling an argument for their thesis question. A portfolio is a great choice for students who already have to complete a portfolio for their respective discipline (architecture, visual arts, etc.) and a way to show all of the work they have completed over the last for years.

Each Student is permitted to choose a topic of interest that best fits their academic goals or meets the requirements of their major program of study. The Honors College uses the Senior Honors Project as an opportunity to challenge students, while encouraging them to be excited about research or creative achievement in their future endeavors.

Once a project has been chosen, the next step for the student is to identify a faculty mentor on campus who has the appropriate credentials to guide the student through the project. After a topic and mentor have been chosen, the student must complete a Senior Honors Project - Thesis contract or a Senior Honors Project - Creative Endeavor contract and submit the proposal to the Honors College for approval. 

Students must use the official Honors College poster and PowerPoint template when delivering presentations on behalf of the Honors College and the presentations must be submitted to faculty mentors at least two days prior to the presentation date for review. Using the links below, please download the poster and PowerPoint templates  and follow the guidelines when creating your poster and/or PowerPoint presentations. 

One of the main sources of examples for students comes from previous projects. Senior Honors Projects completed by graduating Honors College students are now available online for reference through the Joyner Library Scholarship Institution Repository. Additionally, we have past projects on file and have pulled projects that were superb for students to reference in the following areas:

Top examples from the following areas are kept in the Mamie Jenkins Building for students to reference when writing their own thesis or coming up with topic ideas.

  • Biological and Chemical Sciences
  • English and Foreign Languages
  • Education
  • Social Sciences and Psychology
  • Fine Arts (Visual and Performing)

Senior Honors Projects are completed during the student’s senior year. The recommended timeline for students pursuing this during the 2014-2015 academic year are available on the Senior Honors Project timeline. If you have questions about the Senior Honors Project or would like to make an appointment with the Honors advisor, please contact Mr. James Ellis.

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