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Honors College Programs

EC Scholars

Housed in the Honors College, the EC Scholars Award Program is ECU's most competitive merit scholarship award. Students accepted into this prestigious four-year program exhibit outstanding academic performance and leadership skills combined with an impressive record of community engagement.   

Highly-specialized coursework, experiential learning opportunities, and a required study abroad journey provide EC Scholars with access and exposure to networks uncommon for undergraduate students and position them as leaders on campus and beyond. EC Scholars are the university's most valued investment as they embody a way of life that is at the heart of East Carolina and frequently serve as the face of the university. 

The EC Scholars Award Program provides all the benefits and experiences of the Honors College plus the following: 

The EC Scholars Award scholarship valued at $62,000, which includes a $5,000 stipend to complete a required study-abroad experience

Leadership development with an individualized internship placement

Research internship placement alongside faculty and graduate students

Pre-college, team-building retreat in North Carolina's Outer Banks and enrichment experiences across the east coast

Of the admitted class of 200 Honors College students, 20 are selected as EC Scholars and receive this prestigious merit scholarship. Visit the EC Scholars Award Program website to learn more about this program.

Chancellor's Fellows

Chancellor's Fellows receive a scholarship valued at the amount of in-state tuition for up to eight semesters, along with all of the benefits associated with participation in the Honors College.

Centennial Fellows

Centennial Fellows receive a scholarship valued at $2,500 per year for four years, along with all of the benefits associated with participation in the Honors College.

Early Assurance Programs

The Honors College proudly offers five Early Assurance programs. These programs are directed at prospective students who are interested in graduate programs in medicine, nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, or audiology following the completion of their undergraduate degrees. Students are guaranteed entry into each respective program upon completion of their undergraduate degree provided they satisfy requirements.

Graduate Priority Admission

At the discretion of Individual graduate programs, priority admissions strategies may be developed for Honors College students. Toward the end of their freshman, sophomore, or junior years, Honors College students may be invited to apply for priority admission to graduate programs at ECU at the master’s level. Upon application to a specific graduate program, graduate program directors will review and consider them for priority admission based on the student’s desired semester of graduate enrollment.

For students who receive an offer of a full-time graduate assistantship, the Graduate School will earmark and hold in reserve a Graduate Scholar Award for the student in the amount of $4,000 per year for a total of two years of study.  The student’s admission request would indicate the proposed date for starting the graduate program and identify the individual graduate program for admission. 

The Graduate School will approve a waiver of the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) or other standardized admission exam and application fee for honors students who apply for priority admission to master’s degree programs.  Students accepted for priority admission must maintain good standing in the Honors College with a GPA 3.3 (Honors College student) and must graduate in good standing in the Honors College.

Benefits of Priority Admission: Graduate program directors and faculty will work with honors students to help them identify scholarly research/creative activity projects and themes to deliver research training that will help the students get a head start on research that may apply to their master’s degree.    

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