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Welcome to the Honors College at East Carolina University
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The mission of the Honors College at East Carolina University is to prepare tomorrow's leaders through the recruitment, engagement, and retention of exceptionally talented students of character in a diverse intellectual living-learning community and to challenge them to attain high levels of academic achievement.

Have questions about Selection Sunday or Honors College Preview Day? The documents below may have the answers:

Review our prospective student information sheet to learn more about the outstanding opportunities and programs in the Honors College at East Carolina University.

A Collaborative Classroom: Honors Seminar Studies Stigma

By: Dr. Daniel Goldberg, Honors College Faculty Fellow

20160203_123422 In the course of conducting some research, I formed a basic question. The problem is that I I simply had no satisfactory answer to this question. The subject of my research here was stigma – specifically, why do humans seem to stigmatize each other so much? This is more of a puzzle than it seems. Here is why: Like most primates, humans are fundamentally prosocial creatures. Humans generally “do” better in communities; recent studies have documented that social isolation more accurately predicts sickness and death than obesity, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure. In contrast, stigma is predicated on alienation and exclusion, and is universally regarded as one of the most intensely antisocial experiences in human life. Yet stigma is a strikingly common feature of human social life. In other words, humans are among the most prosocial creatures on the planet, and nevertheless frequently seem to act in ways that are powerfully antisocial.

Here, then was the paradox that was nagging at me: given that our social bonds are essential to a life of human flourishing, why do we stigmatize each other so much? This question immediately prompted other important questions, including but not limited to ‘[s]hould we try to diminish this tendency to stigmatize others?’ ‘If so, how?’ ‘Can we use stigma for just ends?’

In a flash, it came to me – not the answers, but rather an approach to seeking them: “teach and learn from the students in the ECU Honors College!” Since I was struggling to come up with a plausible answer, it seemed like a good idea to ask the Honors College students to help with it – to teach themselves and me in the bargain. So I designed a syllabus and a course proposal for what became our Spring 2016 Honors College Seminar entitled “Stigma, Its Paradoxes, and the Human Condition.”

We are about 5 weeks into our work in the course, and it has, as always, been a tremendous privilege to work with the dedicated and insightful students in the Honors College. My firm belief is that teaching and learning go hand-in-hand, and that seminars are our special opportunities as teachers to bring this idea home to roost. Thus, although I am an active researcher on the subject of stigma, especially as to health and illness, for our seminar, I am a guide, not an oracle. I do not dispense facts to the students so much as facilitate a deep discussion and analysis. The students teach themselves, they teach other, and they teach me.

Like everything I teach, the course takes an interdisciplinary approach, and explores the subject of stigma via readings and perspectives drawn from sociology, law, public health, literature, history, philosophy, religious studies, epidemiology, and public policy. It is a cliché, but teaching seminars in the Honors College is a true intellectual journey for me, and I hope for the students as well. I look forward to seeing where our path takes us.



5 Blog Posts All Prospective Honors Students Should Read

By: Erika Dietrick, Undergraduate Director of Marketing and Communications

As you prepare to join us in Pirate Nation, you likely still have questions about the Honors College experience and life at ECU. Below, we have included links to blog entries written by current Honors College students to help you navigate this momentous occasion.

Grateful for Gateway: the Honors Student Perspectivegateway-5

Housing many of ECU’s living-learning communities, the newly constructed residence hall  complex boasts a number of amenities, including a computer lab, music practice rooms, a beach volleyball court and basketball facilities. Read what Honors College freshmen and upperclassmen are saying about their brand new home! (Photo by Patrick Fay)



One Month Down, A Lifetime of Pirate Pride to Go

Moving away to college is a huge transition, but it doesn’t need to be stressful! Read how the Honors College community helps freshmen make a smooth transition into college life on ECU’s campus.



app-trail-300x225What is an Honors College Seminar, Anyway?

All Honors College students are required to take two interdisciplinary honors seminars while at ECU, but what do these seminars entail? This video explains the purpose, flexibility, and outcomes of our most popular courses!


Greenville to Barcelona and Backzoe-1

The Honors College encourages study abroad experiences related to one’s interest in order to grow both personally and professionally. Learn how EC Scholar and Honors College student Zoe Hinton combined her passions for medicine, Spanish, and travel to create the ultimate immersive experience in Spain.



EC Scholars help raise nearly $70,000 for ecscholarCharleston library

Servire or “to serve” is the motto of East Carolina University and a major component of the ECU Honors College. Countless community partnerships and opportunities both locally and globally allow Honors College students to truly make an impact as leaders.

One Blog, Countless Opportunities: ECU Honors Research Connections

By: Ashley Wilford, Undergraduate Coordinator of Academics 

16879886250_cbb2b74005_o-275x275Did you know there are dozens of ECU faculty seeking Honors College students to assist them as undergraduate researchers? Are you looking for internship, on-campus research, or scholarship opportunities? Finding and securing these opportunities used to be a challenge…that is, until the Honors College launched its new blog ECU Honors Research Connections. Follow the link to see our latest posts or narrow down opportunities specific to your interests by choosing between department categories or using the search tool.

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