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Welcome to the Honors College at East Carolina University
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The mission of the Honors College at East Carolina University is to prepare tomorrow's leaders through the recruitment, engagement, and retention of exceptionally talented students of character in a diverse intellectual living-learning community and to challenge them to attain high levels of academic achievement.

Review our prospective student information sheet to learn more about the outstanding opportunities and programs in the Honors College at East Carolina University.

The Honors College Living & Learning Blog

What is an Honors College Seminar, Anyway?

By: Erika Dietrick, Undergraduate Coordinator of Marketing and Communications

Each spring, the Honors College unveils over a dozen Honors College seminars spanning topics as diverse as Ethics, Global Health, and the Fundamental Cause of Disease, The Science and Culture of Food as Plants, and Global Heavy Metal Music.  These innovative and interdisciplinary seminars are a means for faculty to offer exciting new courses and for honors students to broaden their academic horizons.

The Honors College is currently accepting new proposals from ECU faculty for 2016 Honors College seminars.  More information about the application process can be found here.  Applications for seminars in 2016 are due by March 11, 2015.

Watch the video below to learn more about the impact and scope of Honors College seminars!

The FreshSpire App: a Fresh Idea for Reducing Waste

By: Mona Amin, Honors College Freshman

mona aminMona Amin (East Carolina University), Gabrielle Beaudry (UNC Chapel Hill), Shraddha Rathod (NC State), Hannah Sloan (UNC Chapel Hill), and Jennifer Wu (University of Pennsylvania), former students at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, formed the idea to develop a multifaceted notification system and mobile application to notify consumers on the daily markdowns that occur in grocery stores on perishable goods during their senior year.

The FreshSpire App

The FreshSpire mobile application is intended to connect grocers with consumers motivated to purchase wholesome and healthy fresh foods at discounted prices. By liquidating fresh food inventories prior to expiration, FreshSpire aims to reduce landfill waste and methane emissions, boost the bottom line for grocers, and provide healthy discounted foods to all socioeconomic classes.

There is a lot currently happening with Team FreshSpire. Comprised of college freshmen, we are proceeding to raise investment capital by soliciting to potential investors and entering more competitions; arrangements have been made to meet directly with grocers (their primary business development target); and we continue to perfect our technological approach with the app. We are doing all of this all while being a decentralized team attending four different universities.

mona amin 3

Our team is continuing to push our idea forward as we apply and participate in start-up and innovation competitions. We are in the process of registering for a third consecutive year for the Conrad Innovation Challenge, were honored as finalists for the American Dream Seekers competition, and were named one of fifty companies in Global Entrepreneurship week. Just recently, we placed second in the Eastern NC Business Plan Competition. Through the competitions, we established profound partnerships, and FreshSpire has now begun the process of application development! We are enthusiastic about using innovative communication technologies to solve serious problems in effective food distribution. We simply can’t wait for our concept to become a reality.

Presenting at the Eastern NC Entrepreneurship Summit

mona amin 2

When I heard about the ENC Business Plan Competition (part of the Eastern NC Entrepreneurship Summit), I was very excited. I knew this was my opportunity to get the idea of FreshSpire out to the public and to gain connections with mentors at or around ECU. After going through two rounds of business plan submissions, we were glad to get the opportunity to present before the judges. Though this was the first time that we presented with just one of five team members, the support I had from my teammates before presentation day was tremendous. Our distance apart has in a way brought us closer. At the summit on Monday, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with software developers, attorneys, and angel investors within the Greenville community. Competitions like these truly show the dedication that ECU is putting into its Entrepreneurial Initiative. I cannot wait to see the growth of innovation and entrepreneurship on this campus within my next few years at ECU.

Supporting the FreshSpire App

If you would like to help support Mona and her colleagues or simply learn more about the FreshSpire App, please e-mail

Honors Students Place in Study Abroad Photo Contest

By: Erika Dietrick, Undergraduate Coordinator of Marketing and Communications
blog 3Once again, ECU’s Study Abroad Office was charged with the task of choosing between countlessstunning images for their annual Study Abroad Photo Contest.  The contest called for ECU students who had recently studied abroad to submit up to five of their best study abroad photos.  Participants submitted pictures for the chance to see their artwork in Joyner Library, and over all category winners were promised a special prize.

Among this year’s grand prize winners were Honors College students Allison Donnenwirth and Zoe Hinton.

Allie (junior) won the Pirates Abroad Grand Prize for her photo titled Just Call Me Lizzie McGuire (bottom left).  The art major/business minor spent her entire sophomore year amidst the breath-taking sites of Italy while taking courses in jewelry making and enameling.  You can read more about the experience that changed her life here.
blog 4

Zoe (sophomore, EC Scholar) took Overall Best in Show for her photo “Barbed Freedom” (right). While studying abroad in India over the summer, Zoe dedicated much of her photography to capturing unsung stories and forgotten history.Despite her neuroscience background, Zoe decided to take the opportunity to explore religious studies as a means to broaden her horizons and discover a beautiful country.  You can read about her experience here!

Both Allie and Zoe’s photos will be showcased in Joyner Library for the remainder of the academic year.  To see all of the amazing photos that were submitted during this year’s contest, visit the ECU Study Abroad Facebook page.

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