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Honors College Blog

  • Graduating and Gap Years
    By: Julia Horiates, Honors College Senior “The days are long, but the years are short,” is a quote my mom often repeats in our conversations about school. I’ve been in school for about 16 years. High school flew by and coming into college, I didn’t want to believe anyone saying that this time at ECU would go by even faster. (They
  • EC Scholars Provide Service, Reflect on Four-Year Journey
    Over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend, 17 EC Scholars traveled to Charleston, South Carolina where they led a service project at the Ronald McDonald House, connected with East Carolina University alumni and reflected on their four-year journey together. The annual senior impact trip also included an outing to Fort Sumter to learn more about the history of Charleston.
  • Research as a Freshman
    By: Ananya Koripella, Freshman EC Scholar One thing I hear often when I mention to someone that I am doing research at Brody is, “Aren’t you a freshman?” At first, I was a little startled when I got that reaction because I had not realized that a majority of freshmen do not participate in research but rather wait until their sophomore
  • Pirates Promoting Community Wellness
    By: Tori Chapman, Senior EC Scholar Pirates Promoting Community Wellness (PPCW) is a student led organization with the mission to connect ECU students with volunteer and leadership opportunities for the promotion of wellness locally and globally. Locally, we partner with AMEXCAN to host monthly fitness and nutrition classes open to the public.  The aim of these classes is to share basic
  • Bob Woodward Visits ECU
    By: Madeline (Madie) Fleishman, Sophomore EC Scholar As a part of the Voyages of Discovery lecture series, Bob Woodward came to campus last week. Bob Woodward and his colleague Carl Bernstein are the journalists responsible for reporting the Watergate scandal in the 1970’s. Members of the Honors College were given the opportunity to meet Mr. Woodward in a small group
  • To Geneva and Back in Three Days
    By: Ankita Mishra, Honors College Junior The American Mock World Health Organization (AMWHO) Regional Conference was a three-day long immersive experience hosted at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The opportunity to take part in this realistic simulation was truly like no other as it mirrored the experiences of a real ambassador at the World Health Organization. The
  • Honors College Convocation Poem
    By Kristalyn Gill, senior EC Scholar Where the roots reach, branches climb.   Arriving at the land of purple and gold, I found a school with an old soul and a young heart Where dreams dare to expand and a thriving community of art A hospital with researchers by the dozen And a business school with students fully driven A
  • Learning medicine in Nicaragua
    By Conor Pumphrey, sophomore EC Scholar and Early Assurance in Medicine The summer following my junior year of high school, I had the opportunity to go on a mission trip to Nicaragua with St. James United Methodist Church. Though the team members vary each year, the group has been going to Nicaragua on this trip for over 12 years now.
  • ECU She’s the First Chapter represents at national summit
    “To become powerful, I only need one thing: an education.” One of the visiting She’s the First (STF) Scholars, Carlota from Peru, started her STF Summit presentation with this quote from Malala. What better way to affirm why 200+ high school and college students from around the world came to spend a weekend in the Big Apple? Social media played an integral part in She’s the First’s
  • Japan: An ‘inexhaustible variety of life’
    By Josh Butler, a junior EC Scholar Studying abroad in Tokyo, Japan, and the surrounding areas was an experience second to none that involved cultural immersion coupled with intellectual stimulation. Few places demonstrate values directly opposite to that of the United States like Japan, and experiencing these differences allows one to better understand the society he/she originates from and to