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Congratulations to CRM graduates, Mary Allen, advised by David Loomis, (Dissertation:Integrative Complexity of Coastal Resources Management: Examining Tradeoffs between Ecosystem Protection and Resource Use) and Liz Brown-Pickren, advised by Alex Manda and David Griffith (Dissertation: Risky Business: Subsistence Fishing in Tyrrell County, North Carolina).

The National Environment and Recreation Research Symposium in April in Annapolis, Maryland was chaired by David K. Loomis, and attended by Hans Vogelsong, who presented, Comparing the reactions of zoo visitors to immersive and non-immersive exhibit experiences with his master's student, Theresa Herendeen. Dr. Loomis' co-authored a presentation by CRM student, Mary Allen, titled How to measure the integrative complexity of thought regarding natural resource issues. 

Jacob P. Hochard received the Coastal-Maritime Council Coastal Scholar Award. 

ECU was represented at the Ocean Sciences Meeting in February in Portland, Oregon by two ICSP faculty members. Rebecca Asch presented, Testing the reliability of species distribution models: How stable are relationships between fishes and oceanic conditions in the southern California Current ecosystem? and brought students Brian Bartlett (CRM) and William Christopher Thaxton (Biology), who presented, The Effects of Climate Variability on the Phenology of Ichthyoplankton ingress through Beaufort Inlet, NC, USA. Dr. Asch also collaborated with colleagues from the University of South Carolina on a paper presented by Ryan R Rykaczewski, titled, Scales of variability in forage fish populations: comparing interpretations of ichthyoplankton and paleoecological records. J.P. Walsh organized and led three sessions on Sediment Delivery, Transport, and Deposition in Shallow-Water Environments and brought his CRM Student, Ian Conery, who presented, High-resolution lidar scanning of developed and natural beach-dune systems on the Outer Banks, NC. 

The Tidewater Chapter of the American Fisheries Society held its annual meeting in January in Morehead City, North Carolina, and several ICSP faculty brought students. Roger Rulifson’s student Jordan Smith (MS, Biology), presented his thesis research, Hickory Shad Alosa mediocris stock identification using morphometric and meristic characters. His undergraduate researcher Keturah Kovolew (BS, Biology) presented a poster on stock identification of hickory shad. Roger also brought students Allie Mulligan (Ph.D., CRM), John Sherman (BS, Biology), and Steve Meyer (MS, Biology) for the networking and educational opportunities. One of Roger’s former students, Dr. Chuck Bangley (CRM ’16) presented, Environmental associations with movement behaviors in Cownose Rays (Rhinoptera bonasus)Rebecca Asch brought her students, Brian Bartlett (Ph.D., CRM), and William Thaxton (MS, Biology), who presented, Variability in ichthyoplankton ingress phenology through Beaufort Inlet, NC, USA as an effect of climate variabilityAlex Manda’s student, Liz Brown-Pickren (Ph.D., CRM) presented, North Carolina should manage subsistence and recreational fishing separately.
Faculty from ICSP presenting at the November APNEP Symposium in Raleigh included Sid Mitra, Mike O'Driscoll, and Charlie Humphrey. Reide Corbett brought his geology class, which included CRM students Tara Van Niekerk, Cait Skibiel, and Brian Bartlett. CRM alumni presenters included Michelle Covi ('14) and Chuck Bangley ('16) along with posters from current CRM students Liz Brown-Pickren and Allie Mulligan. Coley Cordiero ('15) participated as an APNEP staff member and current student Mike Flynn staffed a booth for the NCCF. 

ICSP made a good showing at the 147th American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting in Tampa, Florida in August. Roger Rulifson brought CRM student Allie Mulligan and Biology master's student Jordan Smith to give presentations. Joe Luzcovich presented "Effects of noise on fishes, sound production, and reproduction" and brought Tyler Peacock to present. Dave Loomis' student, Mary Allen, and Alex Manda's student, Liz Brown-Pickren, also presented.  

Reide Corbett is the recipient of a Fulbright Research Scholarship. He will spend January through August, 2018, in France, based at the Université de Lille, Laboratoire d'Océanologie et de Géosciences. 

The National Marine Educators Association honored Terri Kirby Hathaway with its highest recognition: the Honorary Lifetime Membership Award, presented at the NMEA 2017 national conference. Read the Sea Grant press release here.

Jake Hochard, along with co-authors Edward B. Barbier and Ramón E. López, won the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE) "Award for Outstanding Publication in Environmental Resource Economics" for their 2016 publication, "Debt, Poverty and Resource Management in a Rural Smallholder Economy."

Congratulations to CRM graduates, Jennifer Jones, advised by Lynn Harris, (Dissertation: On a sea of sand: A comparative analysis of the challenges to beached shipwreck stability and management) and Cecilia Krahforst, advised by Joe Luczkovich (Dissertation: Vessel noise impacts on the oyster toadfish and management implications for underwater noise).

Jacob Hochard secured a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency Science to Achieve Results (STAR) Program. Integrating Human Health and Well-Being with Ecosystem Services. “Community-level Management of Human Health- Risks from Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) with Defensive Natural Capital Investments.”

ICSP was well represented at the annual National Environment and Recreation Research Symposium in Annapolis, where Dave Loomis presented "Behavior norms of recreational fishermen, SCUBA divers, and snorkelers in the Florida Keys," Jake Hochard presented "Wolf and elk management in a spatial predator-prey ecosystem," and Hans Vogelsong presented "Transient boaters’ preferences for amenities along the Intercoastal Waterway" and "Correcting for onsite sampling in National wildlife refuge visitor study" with Craig Landry. Two CRM students also attended; Liz Brown-Pickren presented "Recreational fishing and the consumption of contaminants in Tyrrell County, North Carolina" with Alex Manda, and Mary Allen presented "Who's to blame? Attributions of recreational fishermen, SCUBA divers, and snorkelers in the Florida Keys" with Dave Loomis.

CRM students participating in the ECU Research and Creative Achievement Week included Farisal Bagsit,  advised by David Griffith, "Towards a more inclusive fisheries policy: Social impacts of the sardine fishery closure in the Zamboanga Peninsula, Philippines," Chris Buonassissi, advised by Rick Miller, "Optical indices of dissolved organic matter transport and transformation in the northern Gulf of Mexico," Eugene Frimpong, advised by Jamie Kruse, "The valuation of coastal dune vegetation: A willingness to pay approach," Allie Mulligan, advised by Roger Rulifson, "Alosa psudoharangus spawning run estimate in Lake Mattamuskeet," and Christina Wiegand, advised by Jamie Kruse,  "Commercial fisheries management in a dynamic world: Exploring the relationship between social, economic, and oceanographic environments."

Roger Rulifson brought two of his master's students to the 31st Annual Meeting of the Tidewater Chapter of the American Fisheries Society in Virginia Beach in March. Ryan MacKenzie presented, "Hickory Shad (Alosa mediocris) stock identification through otolith Microchemistry and Geometric Morphometrics" and 
Jordan Smith presented "Viability of Using Morphometric and Meristic Characters to Differentiate Among Hickory Shad Stocks Along the East Coast." Also at the meeting were current CRM student Liz Brown-Pickren presented "Subsistence: The Rodney Dangerfield of fisheries," with Alex Manda, and Chuck Bangley (CRM '16, now with the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center) presented "Seasonal distribution of cownose rays (Rhinoptera bonasus) acoustically tagged in the Chesapeake Bay."


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Congratulations to CRM graduates, Chuck Bangley, advised by Roger Rulifson, and Sorna Khakzad, advised by Lynn Harris and David Griffith.

J.P. Walsh received a Fulbright Research Scholarship to travel and work for eight months in France through the Universite de Bordeaux.

Jacob Hochard received two grants: first, an Oak Ridge Affiliated Universities Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award. “Storm Protection Services of Mangrove Forests”. and second from the Center for Behavioral and Experimental Agri-Environmental Research. USDA Economic Research Service. “Reuniting and Adapting to Fragmented Habitat for Red Wolf Recovery”.

The dynamic duo of J.P. Walsh and Reide Corbett received four research grants. The NC Department of Transportation provided funds for "Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Evaluation in Currituck Sound" and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management funded a study on "Sedimentary Petrology and Geological Framework Investigations in the Southeastern U.S. Outer Continental Shelf." The two joined forces with David Mallinson and received funding for another BOEM grant, "Assessing offshore sand resources for North Carolina: Phase 2," and a grant from the NC Division of Coastal Management for "Sand Resource Data Assessment for Coastal State Waters of North Carolina."

Alex Manda and Cindy Grace-McCaskey, along with Randall Etheridge, received a National Science Foundation grant, "EAGER Investigating drivers of stormwater flooding in coastal communities." Dr. Manda, with Terry Woods, also received funding from the PRI-Burroughs Wellcome Fund, "Integrating Mathematics and Geology in Eastern North Carolina."

Joe Luczkovich received two Division of Marine Fisheries Coastal Recreational Fishing License (CRFL) grants for SONAR mapping studies in low-salinity habitats of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation (SAV) in the Pamlico River Estuary and the Neuse River. Dr. Joe worked with Cecilia Krahforst to receive a National Science Foundation Dissertation Enhancement grant to study, "Sound Communication and Reproduction in Fishes: The Cost of Underwater Noise to Fish Reproduction, Laval Sensory Development, and Acoustic Sensitivity."
Dr. Luczkovich worked with P. Harris to obtain funding from NC Sea Grant for a study titled, "Determination of NC Southern Flounder Offshore Spawning Areas Through Active Acoustic Telemetry: Pilot Study"

Joe Luczkovich, Roger Rulifson, and J.P. Walsh worked with Mark Sprague to fund the acquisition of an Acoustic Wave Glider,  through the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Charlie Humphrey and Michael O'Driscoll teamed up with Eban Bean and Andrea Peralta to receive a North Carolina Environmental Enhancement Grant to study, "The effects of stormwater control measures on Town Creek: Quantifying water quality improvements and stormwater reduction in an impaired urban watershed. 
The two also joined Jim Watson to funding from the Meher Spiritual Center to conduct research on, "Understanding nutrient fluxes and sources into Long Lake watershed, South Carolina." 
Dr. O'Driscoll and C. Skibiel received a grant from the Albemarle Pamlico National Estuary Plan to create an, "Action plan to compile existing data for evaluating Coastal Plain ecological flows in APNEP Region. 

Joe Luczkovich and Cecilia Krahforst presented four papers at the conference on Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life in Dublin, Ireland. With Dave Loomis, they presented, "Managing Vessel Noise: Trade-Off Considerations. With M. Sprague, M. Rose, M. Fine, and M. Heater they presented, "Impact of Vessel Noise on Fish Communication, Reproduction, and Larval Development." The two worked with K. Kelly and M. Sprague to present, "The Lombard Effect in Fishes: How Boat Noise Impacts Oyster Toadfish Calling Rates and Vocalization Amplitudes in Natural Experiments." The fourth paper, with M. Sprague, was titled, "Noise Propagation from Vessel Channels into Nearby Fish Nesting Sites in Very Shallow Water.

 CRM students reunited at The Coastal Society / Restore Americas Estuaries summit in New Orleans. In attendance were; Michelle Covi ('14 now at Old Dominion University), who presented "Building resilience through the Action Oriented Stakeholder Engagement for a Resilient Tomorrow (ASERT) framework," Devon Eulie ('14 now at UNC Wilmington), who presented "Building partnerships to protect natural and cultural resources," Chris Ellis ('05 now with NOAA Office for Coastal Management) who presented "A gap analysis of resilience tools for the Gulf of Mexico," Andrea Dell'Apa ('13), Coley Hughes ('15), and current CRM student, Liz Brown-Pickren, who presented "Contaminant risks in subsistence fishing in coastal North Carolina: What you don't know CAN hurt you" with Alex Manda.

Roger Rulifson had two students presenting at the Tidewater Chapter of the American Fisheries Society in April in Maryland. Chuck Bangley presented, "Environmental Factors Associated with Juvenile Sandbar Sharks (Carcharhinus plumbeus) Migrations between Cape Hatteras and Summer Nursery Habitats" and Kailyn Corriher presented "Spiny Dogfish, Squalus acanthias, Dismemberment and Consumption of Large Prey." CRM student Liz Brown-Pickren presented "Subsistence fishing in North Carolina: Contaminant risks and social justice issues" with Alex Manda.


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Sara Mirabilio received a Pelican Award from the North Carolina Coastal Federation which recognizes those who work to improve coastal environmental quality in North Carolina.

Congratulations to CRM graduates, Jennifer Cudney-Burch, advised by Roger Rulifson, Coley Hughes Corderio, advised by Roger Rulifson, Stephanie Hoekstra, advised by Burrell Montz, and Chad Smith, advised by Roger Rulifson.


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Congratulations to CRM graduates, Michelle Peppina Covi, advised by Jennifer Brewer, Devon Olivola Eulie, advised by J.P. Walsh and Reide Corbett, Ernest Marshburn, advised by Ron Mitchelson, and Calvin Mires, advised by Nathan Richards.


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Congratulations to CRM graduates, Andrew Bennett,  advised by Tom Crawford, Andrea Dell'Apa, advised by Roger Rulifson, April Whichard Evans, advised by Dan Marcucci, and Mahealani Y. Kaneshiro-Pineiro, advised by Dave Kimmell.

Dr. David Griffith was named the Thomas Harriot Colleges of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor; read the full article here.


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Congratulations to CRM graduates Becky Deehr, advised by Joe Luczkovich, Lauren Jordan, advised by Dan Marcucci, Jingyuan Li, advised by Craig Landry, L. Jean Palmer-Moloney, advised by Derek Alderman, Shona Paterson, advised by Dave Loomis, and Melinda Reynolds, advised by Lisa Clough.

Jeff Johnson and Joe Luczkovich co-chaired a symposium at the 142nd annual meeting of the American Fisheries Society. CRM student Coley Hughes and recent CRM graduate Becky Deehr also presented. St. Paul, Minnesota, August.

Jennifer Brewer served as a delegate for the National Family Farm Coalition and Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance at La Via Campesina North American Regional Meeting, International Commission on Migration and Rural Workers, and International Food Policy Meeting. Mexico City, Mexico, October.

Jennifer Brewer was an invited participant at the Fisheries Licensing for the Future workshop hosted by Penobscot East Resource Center and Maine Sea Grant. Freeport, Maine, September.


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Congratulations to CRM graduate, Greg Meyer, advised by Yong Want.

David Griffith was funded by the National Science Foundation for his research project, “Managed migration and the value of labor,” which studies guestworkers from Mexico and Guatemala who work in seafood and agriculture in the United States and Canada.

Alex Manda presented a paper on effective use of groundwater models to characterize fractured bedrock aquifers at the inaugural Ralph Heath Symposium. Greenville, NC. Oct. 3.

Terri K. Hathaway, Marine Education Specialist, was invited to write blog posts for UNCTV. Read them here.

Rick Miller, C-C. Liu, C.J. Buonassissi, and A-M. We. “A multi-sensor approach to examining the dynamics of total suspended mater (TSM) in the Albemarle-Pamlico Estuarine System, NC USA,” published in Remote Sensing 3:962-975. Doi:10.3390/rs3050962.

Michael Griffin, CRM student, won first place with his paper, “Estimating future water resource health in the lower Cape Fear Basin, North Carolina,” at the Southeast Division of the Association of American Geographers (SEDAAG) conference. Savannah, GA.

Jennifer Brewer is serving on the Saltwater Connections Resource Team. Saltwater Connections is a regional initiative aimed at sustaining livelihoods, cultural heritage, and natural resources along North Carolina’s central coast, from Hatteras Island to Ocracoke and Down East Carteret County.

Deanna Swain, CRM student, is conducting research on marsh sill regulations in North Carolina and has presented her work to the Inner Coast Study Group, which is organized by N.C. Sea Grant and N.C. Coastal Resources Law, Planning, and Policy Center.

Sarah Young, CRM student, presented "Power, governance, and multi-stakeholder participation," at Coastal Zone 2011. Chicago, IL.

Shona Paterson, CRM student, presented “The role of social resilience in marine protected area establishment,” at Coastal Zone 2011. Chicago, IL.

Michelle Covi, CRM student, presented “Supporting climate change adaptation through effective risk communication: Insights about audience from usability evaluations,” at Coastal Zone 2011. Chicago, IL.

David Griffith’s work on immigration was featured in Human Rights Watch. More here.

Director John Rummel was featured in The Daily Galaxy, discussing moon microbes.

Remote Sensing @ East Carolina University, an N.C. Space Grant Symposium, was held on ECU’s campus on April 19. Slideshow and Powerpoint presentations here.

ICSP faculty Dave Kimmel, Joe Luczkovich, and Alex Manda; CRM students Michelle Covi and Cecilia Krahforst, and ICSP staff Kay Evans participated in Greenville, NC’s Earth Day Celebration at River Park North. April 16.

Hillary Huffer, CRM student, presented, “Integrating SAS* and ArcMap: A case study of European internet use and population,” at the 2011 SAS Global Forum. She was also a SAS Student Ambassador recipient, and she was interviewed: Las Vegas, NV.

David Griffith and Ricardo Contreras presented a forum, A Celebration of Latino Leadership in Eastern North Carolina: Launching an Oral History Archive. ECU campus. April 10.

Roger Rulifson is the recipient of a Scholar-Teacher Award, to be presented during ECU’s 5th Annual Research and Creative Achievement Week. Also presenting at the event are CRM students Mahealani Kaneshiro-Pineiro, Andrea Dell’Apa, Jennifer Cudney-Burch, Jingyuan Li, and Michelle Covi. Two of Roger’s Biology masters students, Dan Zapf and Chuck Bangley, presented as well. Lyndell Bade, a Biology masters student of Joe Luczkovich, presented. Other affiliated masters students participating are Joey Kiker, Benjamin McGlaughon, and Drew Cathey. ECU campus. April 4-8.

Bill Herring, CRM student, presented, “Exploring amenity migration along North Carolina’s southern Outer Banks: Harkers Island in transition,” at the Association of American Geographers Conference in Seattle.

Bill Herring, CRM student, was elected to the Coastal and Marine International Specialty Group.

Dave Kimmel presented “Regional scale climatological forcing of Calanus finmarchicus dynamics in the Gulf of Maine and the Gulf of St. Lawrence” (poster) at the 5th Annual Zooplankton Production Symposium. Pucon, Chile.

Joe Luczkovich presented “Linking social and ecological networks in coastal fisheries in North Carolina,” panel discussion at Resilience 2011. Phoenix, AZ. March 12 (with Rebecca Deehr, David Griffith, and Jeff Johnson).

Hans Vogelsong was a speaker/panelist at 2011 Tourism Mini-Summit. Wallace, NC. March 2.

ECU hosted the Blue Heron Bowl, the regional competition for the National Ocean Sciences Bowl. See teams, winners, and sponsors here. February 26.

J.P. Walsh returned on February 21 from a research cruise in New Zealand. Read his blog and that of earlier trips on the same project with Reide Corbett here.

Jennifer Cudney, current CRM student, began her year as a Dean John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellow. Jen is also currently featured on ECU’s Pirate Profiles.


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Jeff Johnson “ Evolution of collaboration within the US long term ecological research network,” published in BioScience 60:11 (with Robert R. Christian, James W. Brunt, Caleb R. Hickman, and Robert B. Wade).
Director John Rummel presented “Mitigate, adapt, or suffer? Preparing North Carolina’s coasts for a changing climate” at the Planet Ocean Seminar Series. Wilmington, NC. November 9.
David Griffith presented “Para mis hijos (For my children): The managed migration of seafood workers from Sinaloa, Mexico to North Carolina” at the Latin American Studies Association meetings. Toronto, Canada.
Rick Miller presented “A multi-sensor approach to examining suspended sediment dynamics in the Albemarle-Pamlico Estuarine System (APES), NC, USA” at the PORSEC 2010 international meeting (with Chen-Chien Liu, Christopher Buonassissi, and Matthew Brown). Keelung, Taiwan.
David Griffith was interviewed on the Denver Public Radio program,” The Caring Generation,” regarding an essay about local history, “Lasting Firsts,” that he published in American Anthropologist in 1996.
Director John Rummel joined the advisory board for the North Carolina Coastal Resources Law, Planning and Policy Center.
David Griffith presented “Modeling marine ecosystems through cultural biographies: South Carolina shrimp, Kotzebue Sound bearded seal, and Puerto Rican mangrove forests” to the Duke University Marine Lab. Beaufort, NC.
Tracy Van Holt was selected as the inaugural recipient of the Marianne Schmink Award for the Outstanding Dissertation in Tropical Conservation and Development.
Terri Kirby Hathaway participated in annual training with the American Meteorological Society. Norman, OK.
Terri Kirby Hathaway was selected to participate in the 2010 Marine Mammal Institute, a NOAA Environmental Literacy grant-funded initiative focusing on marine mammals and climate change, visiting facilities along the east coast from North Carolina to Boston.
ECU’s newest research vessel, the R/V Stanley R. Riggs was christened. Washington, NC. August 15.
Reide Corbett and J.P. Walsh were featured in the Daily Reflector. Greenville, NC. July 17.
Terri Kirby Hathaway presented “Our amazing coast: Elementary grade level lessons for southeastern coastal habitats and ecosystems” at the National Marine Educators Association’s annual conference. Gatlinburg, TN.
Terri Kirby Hathaway was invited to participate in a workshop to develop an Ocean Science Sequencing curriculum for grades 6-8 at the Lawrence Hall of Science. Berkeley, CA.
Hans Vogelsong was quoted in Men’s Health. Summer Issue.
Jeff Johnson presented “What does knowledge of the network get you?” at the International Network for Social Network Analysis Conference. Riva del Garda, Italy. July 2.
Becky Deehr, current CRM student, Jeff Johnson, and Joe Luczkovich presented “Linking social and ecological networks in coastal fisheries,” at the International Network for Social Network Analysis Conference. Riva del Garda, Italy. July 1.
Jeff Johnson (with Christine Avenarius) presented “Network structures and value shifts in China: How who you know influences how you define a moral person,” at the International Network for Social Network Analysis Conference. Riva del Garda, Italy. July 1.
Alex Manda was in China for three weeks, as a participant in Water Here & There International Fellows, an exchange program of emerging young leaders between China and the United States. Follow his travels here.
Jennifer Brewer spoke to the New England Fishery Management Council about groundfish industry diversity and consolidation under sector management, at the request of the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance. Portland, ME. June 23.
Ryan Mulligan “Dynamics of the MacKenzie River plume on the inner Beaufort shelf during an open water period in summer,” published in Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 89.
J.P. Walsh interviewed on National Public Radio regarding the Gulf oil disaster. June 18.
J.P. Walsh featured in Daily Reflector article regarding the Gulf oil disaster. Greenville, NC. June 15.
J.P. Walsh on WNCT-TV about the Gulf oil disaster. Greenville, NC. June 14.
Dave Kimmel on WNCT-TV to discuss the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster. June 8.
David Griffith presented “Corridors of communication: Migration between Puebla, Mexico and North Carolina,” at Fordham University. New York, NY.
Congratulations to CRM graduates Charles Humphrey, Wesley Patrick, and Heather E. Ward.
Cowart, L., Walsh, J.P. and D.R. Corbett. Analyzing estuarine shoreline change: A case study of Cedar Island, NC. Journal of Coastal Research, 6(5): 817-830.