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Institute for Coastal Science
   and Policy
Flanagan Building, Suite 250
East Carolina University
Greenville, NC 27858-4353


The Institute focuses on several objectives:

  • Identify, initiate, promote, coordinate, and direct research and instructional initiatives designed in advance understanding of natural and human systems, with particular emphasis on the interactions between them.
  • Develop and submit large-scale research proposals that integrate natural and human system dynamics.
  • Develop methodological approaches and theoretical perspectives that advance integrated understanding of the coastal environment and human systems, drawing on emerging technologies and conceptual tools such as systems and network theory, geographic information sciences, and computer-based modeling.
  • Provide the detailed understanding of these coupled systems required to design and implement sound pubic policy and balanced economic development in the coastal margin.
  • Enhance graduate and undergraduate education by providing opportunities for students (postdoctoral, doctoral, master’s, and undergraduates) to participate on research projects designed to advance theory and practice in the sustainable use of coastal resources.
  • Disseminate the findings and recommendations of Institute investigators to a broad audience of scholars, citizens, decision-makers, and educators.