Application Process For Incoming Exchange Students

1. An incoming exchange student must be nominated by their home university's International Office.  International exchange coordinators, please submit an exchange request to Katie Erickson at

2. Once a student has been nominated to ECU, he or she can begin the online application.
  • ISEP Applicants use this link: Incoming ISEP Application 
  • All other international exchange students use this link: International Exchange Student Application
  • The online application requires that students upload several documents, including: 
    • passport identification page
    • a transcript of classes completed and currently taking
    • proof of English language proficiency (if applicable)
    • a list classes the student would like to take while on exchange at ECU.
  • Additional proof that the student has the financial means to cover the cost of exchange is also required.
  • The student must also provide proof of immunizations to ensure the required standards set by the state of North Carolina are met.
3. After the student has filled out all the necessary requirements online, he or she will receive an acceptance packet including a DS 2019, which is required in order to obtain the J-1 exchange visa.