Global Understanding

The Global Understanding course is taught in a shared virtual classroom with students and faculty from more than 40 institutions, in approximately 25 countries. Daily live videoconference discussions, chats, and collaborative student projects provide personal, global experiences that open student perspectives about other cultures and build the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to thrive in a global multicultural society.
  • Work with 3 partner countries for approximately 4-5 weeks each over the course of the semester.

  • Offered through 9 departments on campus: ANTH, COMM, ETHN, ENGL, FORL, HMGT, POLS, PSYC, SOCI. Each course has a common core format overlaying a discipline specific foundation.

  • Most courses fulfill the Global Diversity requirement and either the Social Science or Humanities requirement.

  • After taking the course, students demonstrate increased perspective taking and decreased intercultural communication anxiety.

  • Approximately 500 ECU students and 1500 students at partner institutions around the world participate in the Global Understanding Course each year.

  • Currently Global Understanding is a face-to-face course, however, a DE version is in development. The DE version will be able to stand alone as a course, or be added as a module into an existing course.

  • Interested departments may develop their own Global Understanding Course in collaboration with Global Academic Initiatives.

Global Understanding Brochure:

Global Understanding Brochure

Global Understanding Student Quotes:

Global Understanding Student Quotes