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  • Current DS-2019
  • I-94 card
  • valid passport
  • letter from the academic advisor stating the date the student completed their program of study
  • written job offer, and
  • written letter of approval from the Responsible Officer (RO).

The J-1 student must obtain and present a written offer of appropriate employment to the RO prior to the end of his/her program.

The J-1 student must also obtain written approval from the academic dean or advisor stating the following information:

  • the position meets the goals and objectives of the specific training program
  • a description of the training program
  • location of the position,
  • the name, address, and telephone number of training supervisor
  • number of hours to be worked per week, and dates of training;
  • an explanation of how the training relates to the student's major field of study; an explanation of why it is an integral or critical part of the academic program of the exchange visitor.

The student should take the employment letter, written approval from his/her department, existing DS-2019 form, passport, and I-94 card to the Responsible Officer. The Responsible Officer will evaluate the Academic Training program and decide whether it is warranted and appropriate. 

If the Academic Training is approved, the RO will give written approval and process a new DS-2019 to reflect the approved period of Academic Training.