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Other Summer Programs


In addition to faculty-led programs, students also have the option to study abroad through the International Student Exchange Program, ISEP, or by finding programs not affiliated with ECU. More information is below.

ISEP-Summer Programs

ISEP offers a number of summer programs available to ECU students each year. Students who wish to improve their language skills or learn about a special academic subject in another country will benefit from these options. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis from March until May each year. ISEP summer applications are due by April 1st to the Office of International Affairs at ECU.
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Non-ECU Programs

Students sometime find that programs not affiliated with ECU fits their needs better and that is fine. Students can find programs on their own as well we peruse the non-ECU programs in the resource library at International House. Please contact the Office of International Affairs to fill out the appropriate ECU paperwork that keeps you in compliance with ECU for your non-ECU program. E-mail us at to get the correct forms. Students should fill out these forms at least one month prior to the start of the program.