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All students seeking to complete international rotations are required to work closely with an appropriate BSOM, Greenville campus-based faculty adviser/supervisor who is familiar with the specific country and site location where the experience will take place. In some cases, these faculty members serve as course directors for officially approved M4 selectives as previously described.

The BSOM, Greenville campus-based faculty member is designated as the supervising physician/course director for the rotation, and will sign off on all rotation-related paperwork. The Greenville campus-based BSOM faculty member will be responsible for educational content and serve as either (1) on-site supervising physician or as (2) supervising liaison to an approved on-site affiliate faculty member or preceptor located in the host country. In the latter case, the on-site affiliate faculty member or preceptor will be responsible for evaluating the student during the rotation and the Greenville campus-based BSOM faculty member must coordinate the evaluation and monitor the educational experience of the student. The Greenville campus-based BSOM faculty member designated for the rotation will be the contact person who can be contacted to confirm the details of the rotation; and through whom the student may be contacted while in country.

If you would like to make an international experience available to students, please fill out the following survey. This information will be made available to students under the “Potential Sites for Rotation” tab.

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