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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I study abroad?

A.  There are academic, professional and personal benefits to be gained from the study abroad experience.  As world trade is becoming more global, there is a need for American graduates who have knowledge about other cultures, languages, politics and business practices.  Studying abroad can provide you with the maturity, self-confidence, cultural understanding and language skills potential employers are looking for after your graduation.

Q.  Am I eligible to study abroad?

A.  All students in good academic standing with at least 30 completed semester hours are eligible to apply for study abroad.  Typically, students will study abroad at either the sophomore or junior level, but some programs are available to those at senior level as well.  If you choose to study at a university, where English is not the language of instruction, you will also need at least four semesters of college level instruction in that language.

Q.  Can I afford to study abroad?  

A.  When students participate in an ECU exchange program, they remain enrolled as an ECU student, so they pay the same tuition and fees they would pay to remain on campus for the semester or year.  Students can also use their financial aid and scholarships towards their study abroad. In addition, there is the ECU Rivers Scholarship available to study abroad participants.  

Q.  Will I receive academic credit for my study abroad experience?

A.  Yes, students can receive ECU credit for study abroad courses.  With early planning, students can take courses overseas and transfer the credits back to ECU.  In most cases, credit transfers are determined before the student departs through discussions with academic advisors and department chairs.  

Q.  Do I have to speak another language to study abroad?

A.  Many programs offer instruction in English.  In addition to the United Kingdom and Australia, you can study in Poland, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden and Denmark. 

Q.  How do I find more information about study abroad opportunities? 

A.  Students can attend a study abroad information session or just stop by International House.  Feel free to browse through our informational materials, make an appointment with the Assistant Director for Study Abroad, or visit our website for updated information on our programs.  During the regular semester there are information sessions on study abroad options. These sessions are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 4 PM at the International House. There are no sessions when ECU is on break.