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Historical ECU Fall Enrollment

ECU total enrollment headcount by level, gender and race/ethnicity. 


Historical Enrollment

First-Time, First-Year Student Enrollment

First-time, first-year undergraduate student enrollment trend for fall terms by gender and race/ethnicity.

New Graduate Student Enrollment

New graduate student enrollment trend by gender, race/ethnicity and course delivery method. Enrollment headcount by attendance status, college, and North Carolina county of residence.


First-Time-Graduates Map

Applications and Admissions 

First-time, first-year undergraduate and new graduate student: applications, acceptances and enrollment numbers gender and race/ethnicity for fall terms.


Retention Rates

First-time, first-year undergraduate student one-year retention rates. Current year retention rate by gender and race/ethnicity.


Retention Rates

Graduation Rates

Four and six-year graduation rates for undergraduate cohorts compared to official peers.


Graduation Rates

Degrees Awarded and Baccalaureate Recipients Receiving Pell Funds

Degrees conferred by level, STEM/Health, and discipline.

Degrees Awarded

Military-Connected Undergraduate Student Demographics and Success Metrics

Enrollment by race/ethnicity, gender, age, and military branch.

Military Dashboard

New Transfer Student Enrollment

New transfer student enrollment trend by gender and race/ethnicity. Enrollment headcount by North Carolina transfer sending institutions.

New Transfer Students Dashboard

National Survey of Student Engagement

High-Impact Practices, Engagement Indicators, Perceived Gains and Satisfaction, Experiences with Writing. 
NSSE Dashboard

Graduate Student Exit Survey

Perceived Growth and Satisfaction, Satisfaction with Faculty, Plans for Next Year. 
Graduate Student Exit Survey Dashboard

Graduating Senior Survey

Satisfaction with knowledge, skills and personal development; Satisfaction with faculty; and Plans for next year. 

Graduating Senior Survey Dashboard

Licensure Exam Pass Rates

Education, Medical, Nursing, and other professional practice licensure exam pass rates trend for recent academic years.
Licensure Exam Pass Rates Dashboard

Ranking and Recognitions

Rankings, recognitions, and awards including those from the U.S. News & World Report and the Princeton Review.

Rankings and Recognitions Dashboard


Student-Athlete Graduation Rates, Academic Progress Rates, GPA, Major Fields, and NCAA Financial Indicators.

Athletics Dashboard

Pirate Employment Study

First destination outcomes of ECU graduates within one year of graduating from a baccalaureate program.
Pirate Employment Study Dashboard