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The Office of Institutional Planning, Assessment and Research is responsible for providing the university with information that supports institutional planning, policy formation and decision making, coordinating responses to inquiries for university-related information; serving as a comprehensive source for information about the institution, and for administering the Board of Governors data collection/reporting system on campus. 

IPAR is the source for official University data through:

  • Reports to government agencies, accreditors, and other regulators

  • Publications such as the Fact Book

  • Responses to external surveys such as those from college ranking publication

  • Research reports about important campus issues such as productivity, achievement gap, and retention

  • Responses to internal and external requests for information about the University.

New data and information are frequently added. However, if you need information immediately, please use the information below to contact a member of our staff.

Associate Provost of Institutional Planning, Assessment, and Research

Executive Assistant to the Associate Provost

Administrative Support Specialist

 Institutional Planning & Accreditation

Director of Institutional Planning & Accreditation

Coordinator for Academic Program Development

University Program Specialist

Planning Analyst

Planning & Accreditation Associate

 Space Planning

Associate Director of Space Planning

University Program Specialist

University Program Specialist

 Institutional Assessment

Director of Institutional Assessment

Survey Coordinator

Assessment Associate

Assessment Associate

Assessment Associate

Assessment Associate

 Institutional Research

Director of Institutional Research

Associate Director of Institutional Research

Senior Research Associate

Business Intelligence Analyst

Data Analyst

Business Intelligence Analyst

Research Associate for External Reporting