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Academic Planning - FAQs

Any faculty planner can begin to consider the content of a curriculum package now; however, we suggest that you don’t spend too much time on document formatting. Much of the content will be typed directly into the new Curriculog curriculum management system this fall. Curriculog training is underway and will continue throughout the year to ensure a smooth transition.

One of the most important things to remember is that marked catalog copy and affected units reports will be automated in Curriculog, so there’s no need to contact our catalog editor, Diane Coltraine, for that information.

No! New levels of approval were approved by the campus in spring 2017, and we will be covering approval steps as a part of Curriculog training. For new degree program development, contact the coordinator for academic program development for a projected timeline.

Training is available now! Please visit Cornerstone in the ECU Pirate Port to register for one or more courses. We recommend that you complete Part I: Getting Started with Curriculog and Part II: Developing Proposals in Curriculog. If you review, approve, or develop committee agendas, there may be additional training. Please check the Curriculog resource or FAQs page frequently.

The amount of training needed will depend on the role(s) you have on campus. For example, if you will be an originator (faculty submitting a package), your training will be specific to the originator role. If you have additional roles, such as committee member or chair, liaison, and/or reviewer/approver, your training will differ. 

Stay tuned for announcements on ECU Official and on the Curriculog Web site at http://www.ecu.edu/cs-acad/ipar/curriculog.cfm

A dedicated mailbox is available for Curriculog questions at curriculog@ecu.edu. Please direct all questions regarding the Curriculog software there.

As always, you may contact Institutional Planning and Accreditation for package content questions. For program items, e-mail Karen Summey at summeyk@ecu.edu. For curriculum items, e-mail Karen Traynor at traynork@ecu.edu. Please note that we are in the process of hiring a University Program Specialist for curriculum support and hope to have the position filled by fall 2017. We’ll update our information once the new person is on board.