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About the Student Opinion of Instruction Survey (SOIS)

Until Spring 2013 the SOIS was the official online course evaluation survey for most ECU courses; the Brody School of Medicine uses a different survey more geared for medical courses.  As of Spring 2013, the SOIS was replaced by a new survey called “Student Perception of Teaching Survey” (SPOTS).  The SOIS reports will remain available online via ecuBIC for some time for those needing copies of their SOIS reports.  The last evaluation cycle which required the SOIS reports was Spring 2012-Fall 2012.

Although the survey process and questions in both the SOIS and SPOTS are similar, SPOTS differs from the SOIS primarily in that students respond with Yes/No instead of numerical ratings like those used in the SOIS. The SPOTS format was intended to place greater emphasis on survey results (a) as “talking points” when the chair and instructor discuss teaching effectiveness during annual evaluations, and (b) the need to use student course feedback as only one input into the annual evaluation along with peer evaluations, etc.

Since the SOIS survey process was the same as that used for the SPOTS, please go to the SPOTS web page for further details about the course evaluation survey process.

Click on the link below to access SOIS survey results on ecuBIC.

Link to ecu BIC (for unit heads and faculty)

NOTES: Instructors need to currently be under contract with ECU to access their reports. Also, if you can log in but see no results listed, try a different browser; Firefox often works the best in such cases. On ecuBIC instructors should click on the "instructor" dashboard and supervisors should click on the "Dean and Dept Head" dashboard. If you are working from off-campus enter INTRA\ before your ECU userid (e.g., INTRA\SMITHM). Instructors can view both their course ratings and student comments, while chairs can view only the course ratings.

Click here for Standard Face-to-Face SOIS Survey Form
Click here for Laboratory SOIS Survey Form
Click here for Field-Based Course SOIS Survey Form
Click here for Distance Education SOIS Survey Form

Click here for an Example of an Instructor Report
Click here for an Example of a Quality Assurance Report