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Assessment Resources

Institutional Effectiveness Assessment Process (under construction)

Add New/Edit Assessment Plan Form

TracDat User Manual

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Educational Program Resources
Support Unit Resources
Educational Program Resource Guidebook
Support Unit Resource Guidebook
Assessment Report Guidelines
Assessment Report Guidelines
Assessment Review Rubric (Educational Programs)
Assessment Review Rubric (Support Units)


Commonly Used Assessment Methods

(these are indirect methods, so they cannot be the only method used to measure an outcome).

Graduating Senior Survey (GSS)

Sophomore Survey

Student Perception of Teaching Survey (SPOTS)

National Survey of Student Engangement (NSSE)

Think, Value, Communicate, and Lead

The Think, Value, Communicate, and Lead (TVCL) matrix can be used to develop and enhance assessment practices for educational programs by linking assessment efforts across campus to the broader ECU assessment model. Completed course-level matrices will demonstrate a progression of courses to program level outcomes.

TVCL Core Learning Matrix

To find out more about how the TVCL matrix can be used, see examples of completed matrices, and view case studies, please visit the TVCL website.  

Resources Related to Higher Education Assessment

The following websites are highly respected and represent authentic assessment processes and information:

National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment

Association of American Colleges and Universities

Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education (VALUE) Rubrics

Council for Higher Education Accreditation

Assessment at Other UNC Institutions

ASU http://www.appstate.edu/academics/majors.php


ECU http://www.ecu.edu/learningoutcomes
ECSU http://www.ecsu.edu/academics/learning_outcomes/index.cfm
FSU http://www.uncfsu.edu/majors
NCA&T http://ospie.ncat.edu/api.php
NCCU http://www.nccu.edu/development/academics/plo/index.cfm
NCSU http://oucc.ncsu.edu/degreeprograms-learningoutcomes
UNCA http://www.unca.edu/academics/degrees
UNC-CH http://www.unc.edu/oira/public/dslo/Degrees%20and%20Student%20Learning%20Outcomes.html
UNCC http://academics.uncc.edu/undergraduate-majors


UNCG http://assessment.uncg.edu/slo/slo.html
UNCP http://www.uncp.edu/aa/outcomes/
UNCW http://www.uncw.edu/learningoutcomes/index.html
UNCSA http://www.uncsa.edu/sacs/pdfs/Degree%20Programs%20&%20SLOs.pdf
WCU http://catalog.wcu.edu/content.php?catoid=31&navoid=725


WSSU http://catalog.wssu.edu/content.php?catoid=13&navoid=603