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General Education

The General Education requirements at ECU are entitled "Goals of the Liberal Arts Foundations Curriculum." ECU's Liberal Arts Foundations Curriculum is based on the belief that the best way to prepare university undergraduates to live worthwhile lives is to provide them with a solid foundation in the core liberal arts disciplines in which other scholarship is grounded, including strong competencies in writing and mathematics, in conjunction with a multi-disciplinary education in the specific areas of health promotion and physical activity. This foundation and its integration with specialized learning in the students' majors prepare them to live broadly-informed, responsible, worthwhile lives. And this integration is essential to good citizenship in an increasingly global and culturally diverse world.  The Foundations Curriculum directly supports and contributes to the ECU Mission Statement of preparing students to compete and succeed in a global economy and multicultural society.

Goals of the Liberal Arts Foundations Curriculum

  1. Students must learn the subject matter of one or more of the disciplines in each of the four core areas (Humanities, Arts, Basic Sciences, Basic Social Sciences).
  2. Students must learn the fundamental concepts and research methods utilized in one or more of the disciplines in each core area.
  3. Students must learn the relevance of scholarship in the discipline and in its core area to the student' overall education.