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Institutional Assessment Process

Assessment Process

The goal of assessment at East Carolina University (ECU) is to improve student learning and program quality through an iterative process of planning, evidence collection, reporting, analysis, and action. All academic and support assessment units conduct ongoing assessment and analysis of outcomes according to the ECU Institutional Effectiveness Assessment Process which outlines the annual assessment reporting and review cycles, defines the required components of the assessment report, and describes the purpose and scope of the Institutional Assessment Advisory Council (IAAC).

Assessment Review Process

The Office of Institutional Assessment (OIA), in collaboration with the Institutional Assessment Advisory Council (IAAC), ensures the quality and continuous improvement of annual assessment 
reports through the the assessment review process. In March 2013, the Academic Council unanimously approved the Assessment Review Committee (ARC) Structure in order to facilitate the institutional effectiveness assessment process at East Carolina University. The IAAC is responsible for management and oversight of ARCs. Annual reviews of assessment plans are completed by Assessment Review Committees according to a rubric and Assessment Review Cycle.