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Course Evaluations (SPOTS Survey)

As of Spring 2013 the Student Perception of Teaching Survey (SPOTS) became the official ECU course evaluation survey intended to help instructors and their department chairs evaluate and improve instruction through the use of student feedback.  SPOTS was approved by the Faculty Senate and the Chancellor as the replacement of the Student Opinion of Instruction Survey (SOIS) which was used at ECU for many years.  The SOIS reports were last used for the Spring 2012-Fall 2012 evaluation cycle, and the first evaluation cycle for SPOTS was Spring 2013-Fall 2013.   The School of Medicine continues to use a different course evaluation instrument more suited for medical courses. 

Both SPOTS and the SOIS were intended to serve as just one input into the evaluation of instruction.  However, it is hoped that the format of SPOTS may be better suited to help achieve that goal by using simpler rating scales and by not using "norms" or an overall rating of instruction.  As such, SPOTS is designed to encourage  chairs and instructors to focus more on the individual progress of each instructor than on comparisons with other instructors.   SPOTS is to be used together with peer evaluations and other measures to evaluate instruction.   As with the SOIS, students may make comments in SPOTS and they are provided only to the instructor.

SPOTS results are available online via ecuBIC each semester starting on the date which is two weeks after Commencement. Current response rates can be viewed during the survey period and thereafter. There are four versions of the SPOTS survey form to accommodate the types of courses taught (see below). To help maintain student confidentiality, courses must have at least 6 students enrolled to be surveyed. 

Links to SPOTS reports in ecuBIC  (for unit heads and faculty)

  1. Instructor (Non-TA)
  2. Dean/Department Head Dashboard
  3. Dean/Department Combined Report
  4. TA

Guidelines and Tips for Accessing SPOTS Reports


Click here to view the Standard Face-to-face Course Survey Form
Click here to view the Distance Education (online) Survey Form
Click here to view the Field-based Course Survey Form
Click here to view the Laboratory Course Survey Form

Click here for an example of a report of results

The SPOTS survey is conducted during the last 14 days of each semester with the survey period ending on Reading Day. The only exceptions to this are early-ending block courses which end at various times during the semester and are surveyed during their last week.