Academic Affairs

Survey of Student Opinion of Instruction (SSOI)

ECU began piloting a new course evaluation process beginning in July 2016. The new survey form was approved by Faculty Senate in March 2017. There are additional questions for distance education, lab, and field-based courses.

eXplorance Blue is the new software used to administer course evaluations. Blue provides an easy-to-use interface for students to complete course evaluations, and improved reporting tools for faculty to access results. Our goal is to obtain higher response rates and improved efficiency in our course evaluation process, while stressing the appropriate use of results.  

Click below to access your course evaluations 
via either the Blue portal or Blackboard



Students can access course evaluations the My Course Evals module in Blackboard or directly via the Blue portal. The survey is mobile compatible, so students can use their smartphone or tablet to complete the survey in class. Survey results are always anonymous, and comments are provided to faculty verbatim.

Email notifications will be sent when the survey opens. Faculty can monitor response rates at any time by logging in to Blue or through the Response Rates module in Blackboard. When reports are made available (two weeks after the end of the semester), faculty can access them via the Reports module in Blackboard or in the Blue portal and can view them in a web browser or download as a PDF. Course sections must have at least 6 students enrolled to be evaluated.

Note: To view SPOTS/SOIS reports from previous semesters, click here.