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Assessment Workbooks

Beginning in Fall 2015, Institutional Assessment began working with graduate and undergraduate educational programs across campus to complete an assessment workbook in Excel that would help units to further refine their assessment plan by:
  • Identifying 6-8 student learning outcomes that are important for the program.
  • Mapping program outcomes to all courses where the content is either introduced, reinforced and/or mastered (I, R, M).
  • Completing an assessment plan with Means of Assessment (MOA) and Criterion for Success (CFS) for all outcomes.
  • Mapping exactly where evidence of student learning will be collected (A) for programmatic assessment.
  • Establishing a meaningful five-year cycle of assessment for these outcomes.
The workbooks were pre-populated with each unit's current student learning outcomes, means of assessment and criterion for success. Programs could keep their current plan, make revisions or develop a new assessment plan.

As of the end of the 2016-17 academic year, 144 programs completed an assessment workbook. The goal for 2017-18 is to work with the remaining 11 programs to finalize their assessment workbooks and to begin working with certificates and stand-alone minors to complete an assessment workbook. 

Assessment of General Education

The Institutional Assessment Advisory Council working group on General Education Assessment is designing and implementing a program level assessment process of General Education at ECU. Members are working closely with the General Education and Instructional Effectiveness Council and faculty who teach general education courses. A data collection process of student artifacts and course syllabi has been designed and includes a secondary review process. Each year results from two general education competency areas will be carefully analyzed and paired with supporting institutional data prior to dissemination. Institutional Assessment supports departments in the creation and documentation of actions plans to improve student learning. 

Consultations are available by appointment with any of our Assessment  team members listed below:

Dr. Kristen Springer-Dreyfus- (252) 328.9496
Susan Morrissey- (252) 737.4348
Dr. Jeanette Morris - (252) 328.9493