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Baldrige Education Criteria for Performance Excellence

In 2010, as part of an ongoing commitment to organizational effectiveness, ECU adopted the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence.  The Baldrige Criteria map relates directly to ECU Tomorrow, ECU's Strategic Plan, and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools' Commission on Colleges Requirements and Standards. 

This proven framework is designed to help organizations use an aligned approach to organizational performance management.  The Baldrige framework:

  • Is not prescriptive

    • Supports a systems approach to organization-wide goal alignment

      • Supports a goal-based means to diagnose the effectiveness of an organization and to devise an improvement plan from that diagnosis

The seven Malcolm Baldrige Education Criteria provide the basis for assessment and feedback to organizations and create the foundation for an organization's continuous improvement journey.  The criteria have three important purposes: 

  1. To help improve performance practices, capabilities, and results,

  2. To facilitate communication and sharing of best practices information and organizations of all types, and

  3. To serve as a working tool for understanding and improving performance and for guiding planning and opportunities for learning.

In May, 2011, ECU submitted the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence Application.  The Organizational Profile can be found here.  In response to the to the Baldrige Feedback Report, a 2012 Project Charter for Performance Excellence has been developed to address "opportunities for improvement" as outlined in the report.