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Environmental Scanning

A number of key questions informed and guided our strategic planning efforts in 2009-2010:

  • Where should we be as a university in 2025? What do we hope to accomplish and what are the accompanying strategies?

  • How do we optimize our physical, fiscal and human resources?

  • How do we balance student access and the associated financial aid in an era of dwindling resources?

  • How do we support and enhance a culture of connectedness for our students, faculty and staff?

  • What strategies might we use to build faculty strength and attract students?

  • What internal/external collaborations can we embark upon to produce mutual gains?

  • How do we support and enhance the value of multiculturalism and diversity?

  • How do we support our research agenda?

  • What are the implications for new information technologies?

  • How do we anticipate changes in the delivery of instruction?