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Space Planning Principles

East Carolina University has developed a series of space planning principles to provide a comprehensive outline for the assignment of net assignable square footage and the effective management of space. These principles inform and guide the efforts of the University Space Planning Committee and the Space Allocation Committee:

  • Exceptions to any common understanding(s)may be granted by the Chancellor on advice from the Executive Council

  • Space decisions will be consistent with ECU Tomorrow and UNC Tomorrow and managed for the common good

  • There are competing demands for space which necessitate group consensus

  • Space will be managed under the "One ECU" philosophy which requires that no unit can operate as an independent domain or division

  • New program space analysis must be coordinated with all affected parties and must address logistics, availability, infrastructure, cost, programmatic needs, efficiency, and effectiveness

  • All affected parties should have equal input to space management requests/decisions

  • All space use is subject to annual efficiency evaluation with a possible outcome of a different use being prescribed

  • At the appropriate time and circumstance, some units and/or individuals may be subjected to a "space-lease-productivity" model

  • Athletic facilities and fields are to be included as a component of space

  • Issues regarding the use of space allocated to the BSOM will be addressed by SPARC and Clinical Services