Academic Affairs


Institutional Research (IR) is responsible for gathering and providing data for many of the reports submitted each year to federal, state, and other external agencies.   Reports include those derived from personnel salary data submitted to CUPA-HR (College and University Professional Association for Human Resources) and instructional cost and productivity data submitted to the University of Delaware.  IR is also responsible for generating a variety of routine reports for use by the University community such as the ECU Faculty Salary Report and the Dean’s Matrix (which includes numerous data points useful in college decision-making).

CUPA-HR Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty Salary Survey Report

CUPA-HR Non-Tenure Track Teaching Faculty Salary Survey Report

The ECU College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR) Faculty Salary Survey Reports compile aggregated CUPA-HR data and compare ECU faculty salaries to those at other Doctoral Universities (2015 Carnegie Classification). Because salary data are collected and reported separately for tenured/tenure track faculty and non-tenure track faculty, a separate report is provided for each.


The Delaware Study is a national study of instructional costs and productivity is generally acknowledged as the "tool of choice" for comparative analysis of faculty teaching loads, direct instructional cost, and separately budgeted scholarly activity, by academic discipline. It is used by major data cooperatives and state agencies, including the University of North Carolina System.

Academic Program Profiles Desktop

In this set of reports, you will find information on each academic degree program including demographics, grade point averages, degrees awarded, enrollment characteristics, faculty rosters, grade distributions, student credit hours, as well as guides to external data resources on students and faculty. These reports also include the institutional data package used to support the academic program review process.

*ECU credentials are required in order to access the Academic Program Profiles Desktop