Academic Affairs

Requesting Data from Institutional Research

If you are unable to locate the data you need on other Institutional Research webpages, please submit a short online data/ad hoc request form.  You will be asked to provide a detailed description of data requested including selection criteria (e.g., first-time, full-time freshmen only) and time period (e.g., Fall 2014, Academic Year 2013-2014).  Also describe the layout and grouping of data desired (e.g., sorted by ethnicity) and any preferences you have regarding the format in which data is delivered to you.  If you need help in completing items from a form or survey, please provide a copy of the actual form or survey and any relevant instructions or definitions.  (The upload link is located at the top of the request screen.) 

Requests are processed as soon as possible and are usually completed within 5 business days.  However, depending upon the complexity of your request (and volume of requests currently in the queue), completion may take longer.  An IR staff member will contact you if there are questions about, or we foresee any delays in filling, your request.